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GMG exchanging profiles?

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  • GMG exchanging profiles?

    Dear All,

    We have got a Epson 7800 with GMG software on the frontend. As we are a repro house we are increasing working with printers who have the same software. I was wondering if they running the same set-up (Epson 7800, gloss paper etc) can they just send us there MX4 profile, create a hot folder using their MX4, job done?

    Also does anybody know what adjustment process you would need to go through if their MX4 is for semi-matt paper rather than gloss? (we don't want to change our paper type).


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    Re: GMG exchanging profiles?

    Basically yes. You just use their mx4 as a color profile and your are ready to go as long as you are using the same exact paper. If they don't use your paper, the best way to do it is to have them calibrate their gmg system (mx3) and print a chart (ECI2002 or TC4 or whatever) that you would use a target. You would just make a new mx4, measure target (customer chart) and iterate to get as good numbers as you can.


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      Re: GMG exchanging profiles?

      If the same printer type/paper/ink is used, the mx4 can be used successfully, but it's important that both/all printers be calibrated using an mx3 with identical target data. The mx3's should be custom for each printer, but using the same Lab values as the target when calibrating. So get both the mx4 and mx3 and iterate the mx3 on your printer, using your gamut file, and you should get great results.

      If there using different paper, either obtain identical paper and do as above, or grab the target data from their mx4 and iterate the color profile using your own stock.

      happy printing.


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        I know this is a very old topic, but my question basically the same with different findings about results.

        We are using version 5.4.2 and creating lots of custom mx4 profiles. Our printer is Epson 4900 and Gmg using mxc printer calibration set. Our customer using more or less same set up, except gmg version; their version is newer 5.6.1 and they also have Epson 4900 and using same mxc calibration set. But same mx4 profile print results are different for both setup. Both printer regularly calibrated with same mxc calibration set.

        What am I missing?


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