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Platesetter RIP vs. Corner Office RIP

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  • Platesetter RIP vs. Corner Office RIP

    Why is the corner office printer so accomodating with printing almost any client-supplied file, whereas our quarter million dollar platesetter is so strict and unbending about what it will allow to be output? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Isn't a RIP a RIP? And shouldn't an expensive one be more convenient than a cheap one?

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    Re: Platesetter RIP vs. Corner Office RIP

    It's not the platesetter that's unbending, it's the clients of the final printed product. They expect:
    - The right colour
    - In Register, with every dot in the right place
    - at very high resolution
    - At the right price
    - at the right time (like yesterday)
    - with no file problems; e.g. font substitutions, missing fonts, wrong PMS spot colours etc
    - At a competitive price.

    You can't win Indy in a standard Ford Mondeo - RIPs are the V8 engines of CTP print workflow.

    You corner office printer does not have to do anywhere near the number of algorhtymic calculations that a colour-managed CTP RIP does; and it's doing it in A4 or A3 maybe, not 8-up impositions.


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