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Converting hybrid PDF files to improve PDF workflow

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  • Omega
    started a topic Converting hybrid PDF files to improve PDF workflow

    Converting hybrid PDF files to improve PDF workflow

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can reduce the time for Preflighting these supplied – poorly created and bloated hybrid PDF files.

    We receive hundreds of PDF's from web based clients daily. These PDF files are created via a PDF Server (not under our control). The files produced by the server are large in size, ranging from 8 Mb to 100 Mb depending on page content. The files contain a mixture of colourspaces; RGB, CalRGB, CMYK, as well as images of various dpi's that need resampling. Add to that clients are allowed to even place PDF files within the final PDF using either RGB or CMYK. All of these files have to be converted to CMYK with custom colours corrected and profiled for individual printers.

    This to me, is a poorly implemented workflow that I have no control over and feel that the final PDF presented to us is not of an industrial expectable standard.

    We Preflight files for about 150 clients with their various custom colours and page sizes. The time taken in Preflight ranges from four and a half to eight and a half minutes per page. This is mainly because of the colourspace conversion, resampling of images and file optimization.

    I have tried to explain the needs to the company that host and develops software for the PDF Server with to no avail.

    The only way I have found to improve the workflow is to either to postscript and then redistill or by using a virtual desktop printer to convert directly to a usable PDF file. Either of these methods converts the PDF to a PDF/X1-a specification, thereby converting the PDF to a CMYK colourspace and reduces the file size to below 10 Mb, which processes through the Preflight in under ten seconds.

    The problem with the above methods is due to the various page sizes supplied, all page sizes have to be entered manually as custom page sizes.

    I am trying at present to implement an applescript spool queue that reads each PDF file size and automates the creation process (writing new PPD's to fit new page sizes, if not available in the print queue) and presents the final PDF/X1-a file for Preflighting.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Omega
    Re: Converting hybrid PDF files to improve PDF workflow

    Thanks Brian, Matt

    Sorry not to come back sooner but was pulled to do some research into another project.

    To answer you first Brain, we are using a Preflight Server 4.04.
    In most queues we have three action:- 1. Change Cal RGB to RGB colour 2. Remap black and white 3. Remap customer colours. Then we apply a profile for the specific printing method or printer.

    I have not yet tried using PDF/X Profiles directly in preflight.

    As far as a Distiller watch folder we receive files already PDF'd

    I will have a look at the to site you mentioned Matt and try out a PDF/X preflight queue as Brian mentioned and if all else failed I might take you up on the phone call Matt.

    Thanks to you both

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  • mattbeals
    Re: Converting hybrid PDF files to improve PDF workflow

    Well, there a couple of different ways to approach it. You can use PitStop like Brain said. You can look at Callas and at Apago too. It just depends on what specifically you *need* to do and *want* to do. PitStop does certain things well, Callas does some things exceedingly well and Apago does some things that neither of the other two do. And then of course all three of them overlap in some ways. It's all about *your* personal "taste".

    Call me some time at 206-618-2537 and we can talk about *your* specific needs and evaluate which product, or products, best suits *your* needs.

    None of what you are describing is really a significant problem. It is problematic, but not anything that cannot be overcome. We just need to evaluate all the options, test a few of the likely candidates and make a decision. It takes a small investment in time but you will reap large rewards in the end.

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  • the_brain
    Re: Converting hybrid PDF files to improve PDF workflow

    Hi Graham,

    How are you currently preflighting the files? Using Enfocus Software? PitStop Professional, PitStop Server?

    Did you try working with PDF/X PDF Profiles to preflight? If you're using Enfocus Software, I could suggest a few Action lists to

    What about a Distiller watched folder?


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