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Color managing special color models

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  • Color managing special color models

    I am curently working on putting together special color models for flexo printers. I use different softwares for color separation including InkWizard. I am creating designer inks using Kaleidoscope. I am currently working on a 6 color model that includes custom magenta, custom yellow, custon cyan, a green, purplish blue and a flashy red. I created the designer inks according to LAB values, printed the Ink profiles patches using these preliminary designer inks on a given linearization, I then Xrite the patches and recreate the fully profiled designer inks. I proof on an Epson 9600 using Flexproof and no color management. My problem is that the solid patches values are Ok, linearization read from patches looks good but in a live file, all the ink trappings seem wrong, specially in the shadow areas that all plugs. Has anyone tried this before or has anyone tried to proof special color models such as Opaltone, Indichrome etc. using only the features of a Scope workflow?
    Luc St-Pierre
    Plaques Express RCM Inc.

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    Re: Color managing special color models

    hi Luc St-Pierre,

    u need to turn on the color management so that kalidoscope can calculate the overprints, but that would mean u would need a source profile

    we just recently implemented our own 7 color book for a major project.

    i would be keen to chat online with you about color management for flexo.... a sharing of ideas so to speak.....


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      Re: Color managing special color models

      Hi DiGi
      Glad to see someone else is going through the same challenges I do. I would greatly appreciate talking to you about color management for flexo. I have been around for (too) many years and my experience is mainly in wide web flexible packaging.
      If you feel some one on one chatting about it could be interesting, send me an e-mail at:
      Have a nice week-end.


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