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Processor 68 Heidelberg with ph drain system PROBLEM

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  • Processor 68 Heidelberg with ph drain system PROBLEM

    Having problems with the wash unit on the processor 68. I am trying to figure out if the outside filter thats plumbed to the centrifuge needs changed or if its in good condition. The gauge for the wash is reading about 15 psi however even though the pump seems to be fine it doesnt look like much is moving. Is the gauge telling me its time to change the filter or is it fine? I know the paperwork says change it when its at 6 psi but I am not sure if I am way over or way under.

    One more thing we had some algae growth so I rinsed the system with bleach per instructions from Heidelberg. The three tanks that were rinsed were the wash, finish, and centrifuge. Was I suppose to let the bleach rinse run through the centrifuge filter aswell?

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    Re: Processor 68 Heidelberg with ph drain system PROBLEM

    Verify the Stage II final filter normally mounted on the wall has not been installed upside down. Look carefully at the filter for the embossed arrow that indicates the top.

    You can call 800 437 7388 for more tech support and advance troubleshooting as well
    Heidelberg Tech Support

    Subject: FW: [Heidelberg Prinect] Processor 68 Heidelberg with ph drain system PROBLEM [zePNP-2
    Mark Tonkovich
    Heidelberg USA


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      Re: Processor 68 Heidelberg with ph drain system PROBLEM

      Thanks Mark I think I figured it out and already ordered the consumables needed. Mark, my plates have a light trailing of image on them sort of a ghost pattern from where the image is on the plate trailing back to the tail end of the plate. Its an opposite direction of the processor is this indicating something is out of adjustment with the prosetter?


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