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Custom Screens / Controlling the dots on Creo CXP50

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  • Custom Screens / Controlling the dots on Creo CXP50

    I'm looking to explore the capabilities of my Xerox 5000 + Creo CXP50.

    Xerox has released a microtype font for their own Xerox DocuSP controller with the Xerox 5000, this is done via controlling the actual dots tat's being put on the paper.

    I'm wondering if there's a way to send over a custom pdf file to the CXP50 to print 'direct', i.e. (4 layers of CMYK, exact dots to be placed in at 600dpi) or a way to custom control a certain spot to use a different screening. I'm quite familiar with generating Postscript/PDFs 'direct'.

    (Currently I have to pick the standard 200 dot/line, etc.. screenings for a document)

    Or am i threading into an area protected by lawyers and NDAs ?
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