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Making Pdf's without native application

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  • Making Pdf's without native application

    Hello all, I've been reading posts here a while, but this will be my first post.
    We are looking for a solution to interruptions around the shop and to allow the front end to quickly convert customers walk in files to pdf without the need for the native application. This is just for quick copy work, not printing jobs. Just a send and preview sort of operation where we can get the pdf after they have seen a wysiwyg proof on the screen. I don't even know if something like this exists, but it seems like it might. A few searchs have been unsuccessful so I thought I'd check in here.
    Any ideas would be helpful,

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    Re: Making Pdf's without native application

    One possibility you could try out (you can get a free 5 document trial) is <[]>, Adobe's +PDF Online+ service. You upload your document and Adobe creates PDF using their copy of the native application and lets you download the resultant PDF file.

    However, I definitely would not recommend this type of service in the general case, especially if you are doing printing.

    Why? Simple, the number of supported applications for this service are relatively few - they are applications which you should have in-house anyway. Secondly, this and similar services don't necessarily have all the fonts that may be used in documents from these applications. You are exceptionally likely to get different line breaks and pagination due to font differences and Microsoft Office's strange methods of doing line and page layout based upon the "current printer's" current resolution setting. (Don't even ask!!)

    - Dov


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      Re: Making Pdf's without native application

      As a start try googling activedoc pdf converter.


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        Re: Making Pdf's without native application

        A link to Activedoc would be great.



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          Re: Making Pdf's without native application

          On my web site, I have a cool little gadget where you can download the application file (I think about 24 apps are supported), type in your email address and voila, you get a PDF file emailed to you made from that application. [Check it out here|] and let me know if it works for your shop.

          cheers, DJ


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