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    We use Quark and Adobe but have had several clients who do their own design work use Serifs Affinity software. I got interested and bought it to play around with at home. I must say that for the price I am very impressed. I know there are a number of folks who don't like the subscription model of Adobe and thought I would pass this along as something to take a look at. They have 3 programs that mimic Indesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop and make it very easy to jump between them. The performance is exceptional. It is very snappy.

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    This is an ongoing topic, Affinity is definatly going in the right direction and they are gaining ground to Adobe very fast. I myself love the products (havn´t tried publisher yet) and use them for work and for fun.


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      I guess they're not big enough to justify the expense of a lawsuit, but I wonder if that's coming?


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        I have all 3 though I do not use them for any production work. I hate the subscription model Adobe has forced on users but love the software, Indesign specifically.

        One thing I hate about the Affinity software is how it handles colours, spots, pantones, everything. Just seems so jumbled and confusing. Have had Designer and Photo for years and bought Publisher when it came out and still cannot get use to this setup. If they fixed that it would make it much more usable for some stuff. Publisher is missing some key things that Indesign has like handling variable data, preflight and viewing separations. Publisher also can be a nightmare handling PDF's as well as it wants to make the PDF editable. Now that I think about it Affinity might have added a "pass through" method when placing a PDF to stop the software from trying to edit it... will have to check. If they have then my comment on PDF's can be ignored, if not it is a headache. Had a few PDF's get really messed up when placed in Publisher before and it would not be something I could ever trust till they stopped trying to be a PDF editor as well as a page layout app.


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