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Old School Question: Iris Realist RIP?

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  • Old School Question: Iris Realist RIP?

    I'm trying to restore an Iris Realist 5015. While the hardware stuff isn't that big of a deal, I'm more concerned about the RIP side of things.

    Currently, I have the old Scitex Brisque RIP that came with the device, software and all. While it was a pretty powerful RIP for its time, I really need something else that will be able to run the Iris.

    Is anyone still using these devices but with a different RIP? Possibly Harlequin or Prinergy?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Old School Question: Iris Realist RIP?

    You can drive this with gmg:


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      Re: Old School Question: Iris Realist RIP?

      have you tried using 8bit tiff files so the brisque doesnt have to rip them i works fine, but if you want to get rid of the brsique i need one tell me how much you would take for it and we might make a deal. also if you deside to keep it i might help you with it.
      Carlos Santos Casas


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        Re: Old School Question: Iris Realist RIP?

        well technically it's not mine, it's RIT's, which is why i really can't sell anything regarding it.

        however, i do have the original Scitex operating system and the original brisque rip disc. i was thinking of trying to load it up in mac os x since it's UNIX-based and i'm pretty sure the Scitex OS is based off of UNIX as well. All I would need to do would be to get the right serial controller and I'd be set. I haven't ventured into doing that yet, though. Maybe I could even load it on its own partition and get it to run, since the old box is a PowerPC.

        The problem with the RIP box is that it's really old (a whopping 233MHz). The other problem, at least with RIT, is that they killed the AppleTalk protocol about 2 years ago due to security issues/other problems, and so it basically garnered our Brisque RIPs useless. We have a Brisque hooked up to a Dolev as well, but from what I read, you can get Prinergy to work with the Dolev by sending 1-bit TIFFs to it. We just haven't really had the need to run film for the past year.

        We'll see where I get with installing the Brisque on a newer system. I have actual Iris hardware issues to deal with as well (trying to get stuff to work again).

        Also, thanks for the tip about GMG ColorProof, Ryan. If I ever inherit $13,000, I will definitely consider it. Haha. We have a GMG FlexoProof setup on campus, but not with an Iris controller (I think). Either way, I'm going to try the Brisque to the best of my ability first.


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          Re: Old School Question: Iris Realist RIP?

          I have a little used Iris realist 5015 in the cratre with an unused printhead, some paper and the FX rip software. I would like to sell it if you are interested. I ripped all kinds of files to my g3 Mac at the time with no problems.


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            Re: Old School Question: Iris Realist RIP?

            I was always told that Scitex wrote their software to actually look at a serial
            number embedded within the circuit board. We once looked at increasing
            our RIP with a beefier box. We were told good luck with all that.
            So, installing to OS X through unix would be very interesting.
            Love to hear if you get that to work.


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              Re: Old School Question: Iris Realist RIP?

              Also, if you can find one (dont have too many suggestions on where to look) you could use IQMac Pro to drive the Iris
              Charlie Manson|Inkjet Escalation&Technical Applications Group Manager|Kodak GCG


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                Re: Old School Question: Iris Realist RIP?

                Use the Brisque you have. The PPC 233, or 332MHz processors are much more efficient than people give them credit for. What you need for that to make it "faster" is to get more RAM. As for getting jobs to the Brisque set up a SMB or NFS share on the Brisque, mount that from the Mac, drop PostScript/PDF. AppleTalk may be a "dead end" but the Brisque has a few tricks.

                Regarding installing Brisque on OS X Mac PPC. Not going to happen. It is written for AIX 4.x. It "knows" where it is even on RS/6000's. You can't just "move it". Is it possible to port it? Kind of. But it's a dead product so I doubt Israel is going to port it to OS X. Especially now with the move to Intel chips. It was one thing when it was PPC 601, 602, 603 and 604's, but G3/G4/G5 would have required "a bit" of re-engineering.
                Matt Beals
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