Agfa Azura rinse gum unit problems


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We have an Azura C125 rinse gum unit (processor) that is about 4 years old now and we're having a couple problems with it.

First issue is that Agfa changed the chemistry of the TS Gum a while back and since then we're getting a thick blue sludge in our system that is a real hassle to deal with. The filter needs to be cleaned daily (depending on use) otherwise the sludge builds up on it (see photo). I've contacted our Agfa reps and at first they had never heard of this issue, but after repeated contacts they must have escalated the problem and they came back and said they have a cleaning solution called Azura Oxy Cleaner. I'm still trying to find out what it is. They gave me a price for this stuff $283.50! Judging from the description it might be 16 bottles of the stuff, I'm still waiting to hear if it is. I'm not ordering it if it is 1 bottle.

The second issue is that the plates are not coming out cleaned up. There is some of the rinse/gum chemical on the tail edge of the plates so when the stack up the stuff gets in between the plates and they stick together. Once the pressmen pull the plates apart the image is weakened and doesn't hold ink then we have to remake the plate. We're going to start slip sheeting the plates now to try and eliminate that problem.

Also, it seems as if the TS Gum isn't lasting as long now that the chemistry has changed. It start to have a funky smell after about 150 square meters and we have to change it.

We've cleaned the rinse gum unit thoroughly, swapped rollers and still are having this problem. I'm pretty sure we need new rollers.

Has anyone used the Azura Oxy Cleaner? How well did it work?
Has anyone had problems with plates not cleaning up coming out of the rinse gum unit? Did you find a solution to the problem?

Thanks for any input.


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May be time for a good cleaning including circulation pumps, plastic pipes, drains and all. Put everything together, run without filter, fill with water and make sure it circulates properly. If there's a spraybar in the dev section make sure you clean its holes with a toothpick at every chemistry change. Confirm with Agfa it's better to use 200-300 micron filters (the one pictured is fully clogged).
We have a C95 unit since we switched out and changed our washout gumming solution to AUTO G+P all problems went away. First started in May of 2014 using 2 gallons of Auto G+P mixed with 3 gallons of distilled water. We order it from Bestchemsupply. I don't think it is listed on there website just call they are very helpful.
We have the Agfa Azura C25 plate processor the Gum is the Azura TS and the plates are the Azura TU. We used about 100/130 plates per day. The 20 liter gum we change out at 300+/- square meters 3 times and we top off the gum with 1 gallon of water as needed 3 times. At 900 meters +/ – we break down the processor and like you thoroughly clean the unit. The filter we clean when we add the water to top off the gum. As long as you do this then check the roller tension on a test plate the strip should be .25 +/- thick straight across the plate. And as you may know or not the rollers are not covered by the service contract or warranties they are consumables.

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Hi Whitaker were you able to resolve the gum unit problem and if so how we all have the same issue from time to time.
We have the same unit as well, but I don't do near as many plates as you do. On the weekends I flush out my system with water, then allow it to circulate over the weekend with only water. On Monday morning I flush it again with fresh water and then recirculate with the gum. This seems to help keep some of the sludge down, but by the time our container gets low it's bad!!
When they set up our unit we were told to add water to top it off when it down a gallon and we can do this 3 times up to 300+/- square meters how about you?
I have lot of problem with these agfa plate.....too sensitive, too fragile, and sometimes I lost image, and when I want to fix a scratch inside screen, I break it...or I erase image...I need help to understand what to do
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The only time you can work with the Agfa Azura plates are before they go on the press. The deletion will not take or hold after the plate has been on the press. The plate needs to be dry and used some type if the image is close. I used the (KP 012) Deletion pen from Agfa and I never have a problem with the cleanup from the image coming back. Gum the part of the plate that you have worked on and you will be just fine.

Yes the plates are very sensitive So if you hand feed the plates keep the slip sheet on with the placement of the plate.
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We have an Azura C95 unit and the pump keeps losing its prime. Once we prime the pump, it works fine. Then we get a "03 Gum Level Low" message (even though the gum container is nearly full).

Then we have to re-prime the pump to get it to work again. Please help.

Thanks in advance.


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