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AB Dick 9920 Sheet Jogger

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  • AB Dick 9920 Sheet Jogger

    I have a AB Dick 9920 / Ryobi 3200 whose sheet joggers stopped working quite randomly. I can move them manually, but when the machine is running, they do not move, of course causing the delivery table to remain at it's top position as well. The chain that drives it appears to be in good order. I can manually adjust the delivery table as well. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    There is a sensor on the non-op side jogger that can get dirty or may need adjustment that trippers a solenoid to lower the table


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      Originally posted by smalloffsetpressexperts View Post
      There is a sensor on the non-op side jogger that can get dirty or may need adjustment that trippers a solenoid to lower the table
      I will look at that. Would this also cause the jogger not to operate?


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        No just the table raise/lower. backstop and side jogger not moving could be a few things. Loose set screws, The knob you tighten has washers etc that wear. Look at the parts book and study how it works.


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          i think that press is all mechanical. take off the cover on the chain delivery operator side and see if anything has come apart.


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            Ben I have attached the PDF of the CD section. You will see the sensor and solenoid etc. While the press is running you can engage the solenoid and watch it work. Ryobi went to this new type of jogger a few years ago and they really cheapened the parts. I have no clue what kind of tech skills you have but watch the parts work on the OP-Side
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              Thanks for the parts break down. This is all new stuff since I retired from ABD/Presstech, but there is what is called a switch (call out 63) that would attach to the stationary side guide that may be the sensor you are looking for to trigger the solenoid that would trigger the receding stacker mechanism. If it is an optical sensor switch that energizes the solenoid when the stack gets to high just cover it and see if the solenoid energizes. If it isn't energizing at all then check the wires to the switch. Check for voltage at the solenoid.
              The jogger is mechanical. You will need to remove the covers to see how it all works. Watch the problem with the covers off and then turn by hand. Any loose parts should show up.


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                TomTech, Ex AB Dick/Presstek here also. I quit about one year after Presstek slowly destroyed AB Dick. Best move I ever made.


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                  smalloffsetpressexperts, you are right about Presstech, but I had enough years in to retire. I will respond to questions about AB Dicks and any post press machines I know about. I will look for your posts.


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