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Advice on buying first Large Format Printer

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  • Advice on buying first Large Format Printer

    Hello! I came here hoping this was a knowledgeable community that might help me answer a few questions I have, and point me in the right direction. I want to puchase a large format printer. I'd like it to be 42 or 44 inches in width, but I'm not sure if those fall within my price range. I am a semi-poor college student (if I was totally poor would I really be looking?) and I don't want to spend more than 2k probably. I don't know how I feel about used printers, so any and all advice would be useful. Mostly I will use it for printing photos I have taken with my Digital Rebel XTi. But I will also print posters I design, etc. I obviously want the biggest size I can get, but I feel like the price will be dramatically more if I decide on a 42 inch width. I know they also have 24 inch widths, but I feel like that's so tiny! I want to get a big one if I get one. 36 inches might be a good compromise, but I am still not totally sure on any of this. Please if anyone has any advice about new, used, good brands, things to avoid, etc... I'd be very grateful.



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    Re: Advice on buying first Large Format Printer

    Hi, try looking on e-bay for a 44" Epson 9600. This is a great printer that sells new for $4800. Should be able to fine one for your price easy.


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      Re: Advice on buying first Large Format Printer

      I like the Epson 9600 also, but the price of the ink cartridges are not cheap. The cartridges that came with the system were $62.50 each (ultrachrome) from one vendor. It was another supplier who suggested buying a larger cartridge (double the size or the original that came with the 9600) - those were $90.00. So what ever you decide on check the price of the cartridges too. We use roll and single sheets on ours and we print on semi gloss paper, vinyl and 2 sided paper. It is suppose to be able to do thick boards too, but I have not had a job that takes that. We mainly use ours for proofing.


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        Re: Advice on buying first Large Format Printer

        My advice is to outsource your needs. Printer is beginning, then inks, then media, frames, cutting machines, etc. The supplies can be endless and consume $.

        There is much capacity around so you can get relatively good pricing which is a constant known.

        Call if you would like to discuss.

        Jack Crowley...781-545-9537


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