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    does esko cdi have 5080 dpi option ?

    Sorry. that was a copy/paste mistake. I was answering a similar question elsewhere and pasted the original incorrect info not my reply: Newer Esko CDIs can be equipped to run up to 5080, but 4000dpi is the standard because more than 4000dpi doesn't yield better results in most cases. For some...
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    What's New from EskoArtwork

    ArtPro+ 20 released and ready for your production environment:
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    does esko cdi have 5080 dpi option ?

    Newer Esko CDIs can be equipped to run up to 5080, but 4000dpi is the standard because more than 4000dpi doesn't yield better results in most cases. For some special cases (typically security printing) You can special order a CDI up to 10,000 dpi.
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    Adding Bleed and Viewing the bleed afterwards

    You could always add bleed in AE via the prepare for gang run tickets. This adds bleed to your PDFs and therefore it happens BEFORE the RIP and can be viewed long before the print stage.
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    Software demonstrator position with Esko Function title: Application Sales Manager Software Reports to: Pre-Sales Expert Team Leader Department: Sales Location: North America Primary objectives, responsibilities and key...
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    PACKZ by Hybrid Software
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    Online Proof Software

    @xmoles Have you looked at Esko's Share and Approve option? It ties into Automation Engine very nicely.
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    Is ESKO running away from the commercial print market?

    Pack Edge and Art Pro traditionally have done the same thing just on different platforms. ArtPro+ is being developed to replace both of them with all the same functionality but able to run on newer operating system and and on Mac or Windows workstations. If you haven't taken a look at ArtPro+...
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    What's The Difference Between Automation Engine & Switch?

    As already mentioned, Switch is an Enfocus product and Esko owns Enfocus. In fact, much of the preflight capability inside of Automation Engine is the Enfocus Pitstop Engine. Esko adds to that with other workflow controls and non Enfocus action lists. Both systems are capable of handling all of...
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    Esko Visualizer

    Do you have the Esko standalone app called "Studio Toolkit"? If so, you can edit the orientation of the collada file in it. Otherwise, if you have Studio Toolkit for Boxes and the CAD file or drawing, you can refold the box and select a different panel as the base.
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    PitStop Action List Help needed...

    This is an old thread but this is very doable in Automation Engine and has been since version 12.1. It was doable earlier but the combine pages function makes it MUCH easier. No action list needed. 1) Duplicate the "original" (will call it "copy"). 2) Remove the layers from "original" 3)...
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    Anyone here that can make me a .jdf file from preps, InpO2, or DynaStrip?

    I need a simple 4-pager for 9" x 20.75" pages. It folds along the 20.75" length. Pages 1&4, 2&3.
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    Workflow vs Kodak

    Personally, I've worked extensively with several iterations of SCITEX, ORIS, DALiM, Rampage, Apogee (agfa), NEXUS (artwork systems - now Esko), Automation Engine (formerly backstage esko - now esko artwork). I have also played with prinergy and rampage. To say one is better than another is...
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    Nexus stitcher

    Agreed, you can't feed a total rip anything but a PDF. You could create a WF that took your PDFs and turned them into links and pages but that'd flatten your PDFs (might as well just work in Quark). Generally, the Nexus support guys know what they are talking about and if they couldn't figure...

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