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    Splody dots

    curiosity, OK. 1) At the start of your post, you showed a picture of your so-called "Splody Dots" on paper. NOW show an image of the same area on the plate. 2) When you re-test pH, write a capital letter and a line, reasonable size. Regards, Alois .
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    Splody dots

    Hello, curiosity, I strongly suggest you re-test and try to show an image, not a "Splody Dot". Have seen your Paper Salesman about this problem? OJI Paper are a top-class manufacturer of Paper in Japan. Your reading is in the Alkaline pH area. Your next task is - show a picture of the...
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    Splody dots

    Welcome back - curiosity, Are you using TopKote manufactured by OJI Paper of Japan? if so what GSM? What makes you think that this paper is causing you problems? Using the Hydrion Colour Chart Display - I read pH 6 which is Neutral. Regards, Alois
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    Splody dots

    Pressroom Chemistry. My choice is products from Varn. Back to the Topic. Most all Coated Papers use PCC (Precipitated Calcium Carbonate) Coatings, so it remains a Pressroom problem to minimise the impact this coating plays during the process putting Ink onto Paper. The main control is F.S...
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    Splody dots

    Hello, curiosity, Washing Roller Train Technique - Use a high quality "Miscible Roller/Blanket Wash" -- important! for the final rinse - USE just "Hand Warm Water" !!!!! Let use see a pic. of the same area on the Plate, this is the second time I've asked you! also, show pics of any...
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    Splody dots

    curiosity, Your latest conclusion ----- Nonsense! Regards, Alois
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    Splody dots

    Hello curiosity, Answer - You are printing with "Too much water" We need to see the jpg of the - same area of the Plate !! Also, check the Blankets that they are not "Glazed" Regards, Alois
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    Training the Apprentice

    Hello Gentlemen, I can remember during my apprenticeship! - The Compositor Apprentices being sent to look for " Along Stand" the Pressroom Apprentices sent for a "Tin of Tartan Ink" and many others I can't remember, I must be getting old !!! Regards, Alois
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    Lamination and aqueous coating

    Hello davarino, I would defer to the Laminators, they know more than you, so you can carry on "Cooking and Overheating" Regards, Alois
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    Problems with wet trap and LED UV

    Hello Alith7 I'm posting 2 PDFs that I hope will help you. In my opinion many of the posts regarding problems you encounter, in the end, ALL relate to On Press Problems that the Press crew don't understand or unable to rectify, so passing the problem back to Pre-press. 1) I would also...
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    Uncoated 20# Bond Wavy after digital printing

    Gentlemen, A constant refrain from Digital Printers is 1) Problems with Wavy Paper. You all have a poor understanding of Paper Problems and Papermaking, I'm posting a PDF which I hope you will find of interest and value. Regards, Alois
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    Gripper Pads falling off.

    Hello printbandit, Just Google - Regards, Alois
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    Disappearing dot gains?

    Alith and fellow Lithographers, Clarification: As describe by Alibyan, the ultimate tool is "Blanket Height Gauge" but the Mechanics of Cylinder Pressure Settings on modern Offset Presses provide via the Blanket Cylinder eccentric bearing to and away from the Impression Cyl...
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    Disappearing dot gains?

    Alith, Micrometer ! Beg, borrow, steal or BUY a Soft Materials Micrometer. Regards, Alois Amazon !!!!
  15. Alois Senefelder

    Disappearing dot gains?

    Gentlemen, We seem to be going round in circles! 1) we have a verified Imaged Plate - why aren't the Halftones being correctly reproduced on paper? Regards, Alois

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