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    D&K Europa 5474 Laminator - flying knife vs burst cutter

    HI we have the smaller one (neptune). Feeding is bullet proof. We load it and go away. The bursting works wery well allso. It is constructed wery good. Not to compare to the foliant that we had before that has bent every paper on the exit. The flying knife should allso handle all types of...
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    Any way to calibrate/adjust Morgana Autocreaser?

    no problem, glad to help guys. sidneykidney - on digifold is more tricky. Hold push button 4 down and press the set-up switch to its down position, the display will show ‘tabr0’. 3. By turning the rotary switch you can now scroll through the menu of available machine settings that can be changed...
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    Any way to calibrate/adjust Morgana Autocreaser?

    The length between the leading edge of the sheet and the 1st crease position can be calibrated in the event of the machine creasing out of position. Also the last crease closest to the back of the sheet can be adjusted relative to the front edge of the sheet to compensate for the inaccuracy of...
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    Nexpress feeder

    Deep pile long sheet feeder for kodak nexpress for sale.
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    Canon C6010 EFI Fiery booklet finishing for Duplo DBM150

    we dont impose in fiery.. we just send a impoed pdf to fiery and print face down and reverse order. Then it fits the dsf2200
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    Duplo machines / europe

    Hi, have some duplos for sale - location europe / shipping europe: 1. Duplo dbm 150 - 2015 - like new, with SXS kit and small booklet kit - count 20.000 2. Duplo dbm 350 - 2010 - good, - count 2 mil. 3. Duplo dc 445 - 2010 - with the bridge module - can work as stand alone or as feeder for other...
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    Duplo manuals

    HI, someone has duplo service manuals? Need for the dbm150
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    Kodak nexpress feeder

    For sale large format feeder for nexpress (baum model) shipping Europe. Pm for other details.
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    Ricoh c7100 / c7200 with totalflow

    HI does anybody have the 7100 or 7200 with totalflow rip? have some questions..
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    First Look At AccurioWide 160 Wide Format Printer

    Yes. Dilli - the neo sirius model. Konica just puted their heads and branded it
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    KonicaMinolta 6100 and Ricoh 9200/7200

    Have the 7200, what do you like to know?
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    booklet maker

    hi, we want to upgrade our bookletmaker and have a question that i cant find.. we have narrowed down to this 3 units (we will buy used - all are in "cca" same price range): 1. horizon SPF 20A 2. duplo 3500 3. bourg BDF do someone know if one of this machine can be fed sheet-wise -> like...
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    Printing on vinyl sheets with thermal transfer

    If it has to be thermal transfer you look at summa dc4sx or dc5sx. The durability of this prints is unbeaten by any inkjet.. we use it for the hardest jobs.. you can allso get a cheap used gerber edge.. but allso a hp latex would do it..

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What about Profitability?
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