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    7-Color Process

    Unfortunately not published as a paper yet -- the student went and took a job (making money?!?). He has presented the data at several conferences, though. Hopefully there will be a published thesis one day... This was flexo -- colors were printed 4C and 7C side-by-side, then dot gain was...
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    7-Color Process

    Some graduate student research conducted at Clemson University showed approximately 12-18% less ink consumption, based on 600 equally distributed PMS colors (in each color sector). These colors printed 7C were also more stable when subject to systematic overimpression (increasing dot gain)...
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    Interactive way for choosing separations in RIP to .. ticket

    From Automation Engine, you can edit a ticket that is part of a workflow before launching. From Illustrator/Deskpack, you can look at setting up Public Parameters to have control over which separations are sent to RIP.
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    Smart mark to do an HTTP GET request in JavaScript

    I haven't tried that before... does it not work in 12.1? Is that why you're asking about 12.2? Curious about what you're trying to do. Are you passing in the .txt file name as a variable? Sort of a low-tech database query? For what it's worth, I've set up ODBC to query Excel sheets to bring in...
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    Workflow for proofing to an Epson

    Do you have FlexProof? What RIP are you using?
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    AE10- how to select tiffs not wanted to delete? Way to overwrite tiffs in location?

    Try using the Select, second option allows you to build a filename from Smartnames/wildcards, then use Delete. I'm running AE12, so I'm not sure if that option is available with Select in AE10 (think it is...).
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    Seminars at Clemson University

    Thought you all might be interested in some of the educational seminars and workshops we're hosting at Clemson University this year. We're adding a few new programs and bringing back a couple old ones that haven't been hosted in a while. Let me know if you have any questions! Sonoco Institute ...
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    Automated Barcode Replacement

    It's more for enforcement of parameters than automatic replacement on provided artwork. A system that would fully automate that process would have to be able to identify the location and specs of a given barcode -- which in supplied art would just be lines and text. The Esko plugin creates a...
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    Automated Barcode Replacement

    Yes, if the barcode was generated using their Dynamic Barcode plugin for Illustrator AND if there is a "Job" setup with the barcode parameters... then yes, it can automatically replace the code using the proper BWR, code type, code, etc...
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    Customer Folder Management

    This is how set it up where I used to work. One folder with every job ever done. The MIS would pull from this folder structure. We then created more user-friendly network shares that were symlinks to those job folders. We had two distinct types of work going on there, with separate operators for...
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    Customer Folder Management

    I think the answer depends on a few factors. How much volume do you have? Are jobs being archived after they are complete to clear out that active job folder? How are folders being used? I presume people are... but you may also need to consider giving them a path that is calculable by computers...
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    Linear plate scale mark

    You could look at applying these patches with SmartMarks and give them an ink with a very specific angle set that isn't used in production. Then use a screen-based compensation curve to make sure those patches are linear, and all others are compensated. That's applied with the "Automatic"...
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    JDF Writer Application

    Check out the free JDF Editor on CIP4's website. Might get you started. CIP4 Website
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    Smartmark js help

    You shouldn't. The ODBC driver is client-based... it's been a while since using any modern versions of Filemaker though, so you may need something to "turn it on"? I abandoned Filemaker after 6 or 7 in favor of Postgresql.
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    Smartmark js help

    I have not. Just took a look at it though, and that would be a really slick way to get some more data out of AE. Thanks for the tip!

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