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  • Hello,
    I understand you are a Braden Rep. I am in charge of purchasing @ Molnar Lithographic Supplies, we are a vendor located in Canada. I have been dealing with Gail in regards to selling your product in canada. I was hoping you would be able to help me out wit any questions or issues I may run into if possible? Mainly we are looking for a good ink for the 29" market.. we sell a couple of inks made locally, (Taniguchi, Ganho) but haven't has much success. They are good inks, but i've learned they are not for everybody. I have tried bringing Toyo inks to the market with very little success.
    is there an ink you can reccomend that can sell in the $5/Lb (11/Kilo) range?
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Sustainable Printing Goes Far Beyond Using FSC Certified or Recycled Paper
This informative paper on deinking: demand, principles, problems and solutions also explains why printing technologies are not all equally compatible with paper recycling systems; and why just a small fraction of printed material in the paper can cause difficulties.
Link To White Paper