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    Service Support

    Large or small service center is not important than how quality service support is....
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    Gcr for pdf

    As Gordo said, you can use GCR (devicelink in pistop, Alwan, GMG,...) to re-caculate the color CMYK seperation for the image. But this action is only worth if your image is gray tone in major, and then GCR will show its advantage, otherwise the error of printing machine or prepress curves could...
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    Press Testing-

    Very appreciated for sharing!
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    Offset machine inspection in central Europe

    Hi Friends! I am looking for a friend who lives Europe and familiar with offset machine, and takes a vacation for site inspection an used offset machine. If anyone can, please let me know! Regards, DeltaE
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    Cleaning scratches on matte lamited prints

    Try the anti-scratch matte laminated film.
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    looking for inksave software for supplied PDF file for offset printing

    The newest version of Pistop has many actions which can apply Device-Link Profile on PDF files. This help you to lower ink coverage and adjust the total area coverage. You should take a look on it!
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    What is your standard of registration tolerance between C-M-Y-K?

    Hi Experts, In offset sheetfed, as my humble knowledge, we should get good color-registration to ensure the good quality in offset printing. So could you please share your point about the standard for registration tolerance between process colors? As my recent condition, I create a...
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    Which dot shape?

    @gordo Could you please share your idea about this screening DM? what is its disadvantage? Do we need good consumables, good blankets... to print it on an offset machine? Thanks in advance!
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    Roller replacement

    @joe stag from my experience, with new set of rollers you need new set of calibration curves. your TVI could be higher than before replacing rollers. BTW, for XL75 it is quite convenience to install and adjust. Please make sure the ink strip matched to specs, and ink strip should be even from...
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    Which dot shape?

    Hi Magnus, It sounds interesting with combination FM-C M Y and AM-K. Beside the better appearance, how do you think about the stability of color, especially gray tone (ex: CMYK = 50 40 40 15)
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    M3 (Pol) measuring result on matt film lamination varies if change the direction of measuring device

    Hi RayC, Thank you for your interesting feedback! But I got the constant value when I measured the client's sample, and with the same measuring condition I get the variable value when I measure out sample. So I guess the key point is type or kind of matt lamination film, but I am very lack of...
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    M3 (Pol) measuring result on matt film lamination varies if change the direction of measuring device

    Hi Steve, The measuring value is constant if I use M0 (did not try M1 - but I guess it same as M0). The caution here, in my opinion, it is M3 (polarized filter) and matt film. Our client requests us to use M3 (pol) D50/10. When rotate the finished product, it looks same. Not sure about the...
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    M3 (Pol) measuring result on matt film lamination varies if change the direction of measuring device

    Hello Experts, I am not sure this post suitable here or in color management area, please move it to correct area if needs! I have to measure a color sample which is printed a spot color - standard L*a*b = (48.6, -0.50, -2.16) after matt-film lamination. Measuring condition is D50/10 and M3...
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    Fixing a Color Problem

    the Sunlight will be changed from morning to afternoon, from cloudy day to sunshine day,... so your standard light has been changed... it is not good for color checks, is it? Even we use standard light (D50) for checking color, our clients could compare the printed color everywhere they want...
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    Fixing a Color Problem

    how could we convince the client that the color is fine? It depends on their opinion, their feeling and their mood; there is always different point even nonsense if they intend to look for... "our client is always correct"

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