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    Pantone Alternative for Illustrator & Photoshop

    Such “designers” are a significant part of the problem, especially if they don't differentiate between real spot colors that have Pantone names versus CMYK or RGB composite colors with Pantone names. Amazing the problems you get when real spot colors get involved with overprint and transparency...
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    Pantone Alternative for Illustrator & Photoshop

    You would be correct if Pantone was a scrappy start-up. But the fact is that Pantone is a subsidiary of X-Rite which in turn is a subsidiary of Danaher, an international conglomerate (which also includes Esko FWIW). Often, in such situations, the emphasis is on quarterly profits as opposed to...
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    Pantone Alternative for Illustrator & Photoshop

    Interesting information. But I wonder whether this isn't simply substituting a headache for an upset stomach. Yet another so-called “standard” to worry about (Some standards are more standard than others!) and buy into. Just what we really need. And of course, yet another subscription “cloud...
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    Signature plug in for Indesign?

    Yes, there was a third-party InDesign plug-in many years back (more than 10 years ago) that did output imposition. That small company was bought out by Quark which immediately discontinued that plug-in in an interesting effort to somehow competitively hurt Adobe InDesign (which it didn't)...
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    Signature plug in for Indesign?

    You are probably best off creating and editing InDesign source documents in logical page order, exporting the resultant pages to PDF, and then using any number of products (either standalone or Acrobat plug-ins) to make signatures for printing. This avoids having to muck around with page...
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    Adobe to remove Pantone books from Creative Cloud

    See my posting on the thread at for more updates on this issue! 😧 - Dov
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    Pantone Color Libraries will be removed from future Adobe updates

    I've just noticed that Adobe has updated the web page at which has been updated to the following “new” text: What exactly does this mean? Pantone matches not being supported in Adobe Color is somewhat irrelevant from the point of view...
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    Xerox Class Action Filed for Drum/Toner

    Nothing is “free” – the cost of the drums and toner are included in the price of the service contract.
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    Native Document Preflight

    One thing to add is that automated preflight and especially fixups have tremendous dangers in terms of false positives and false negatives. Over the years, I've seen quite a few perfectly fine documents (source and PDF) messed up by blind reliance on this automation. Such software is simply one...
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    Native Document Preflight

    I wasn't contradicting you at all, but rather expanding on the topic such that this didn't just appear as a subjective opinion. :)
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    Native Document Preflight

    The biggest fallacy associated with preflighting is that automated preflighting (whether in an authoring/design application, in Acrobat for PDF print publishing workflows, or at the RIP) is adequate or sufficient. Although such preflighting is useful, there are definitely false positives and...
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    Font issue

    Sorry that you are into conspiracy theories and rants! :( There is absolutely nothing in Adobe's code that forces you to use fonts sourced from Adobe or anyone else. Nor has Adobe ever “bullied” any font creator to adopt “their” guidelines. The only requirement for successful use of any font in...
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    Native Document Preflight

    There is a preflight facility built directly into InDesign that costs you absolutely nothing extra to use.
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    Adobe moving away from the US

    Although I am no longer an Adobe employee, your conclusion that “apparently India is where Adobe is to make its base” is not borne out by the actual contents of the article you quote. You imply that the company is moving its headquarters to India (similar to what Quark did many years ago). The...
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    unwanted PDF background tint with EFI/Heidelberg Linoprint

    I think the problem is Canva itself! It is informal and design-heavy but totally inappropriate for anything that needs to be accurately printed. All content in a Canva document is RGB with absolutely no color management, i.e. DeviceRGB. There is no concept of gray or CMYK or any flavour. When...

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