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    Acrobat image compression

    I might be putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5 but, is Dov inferring that if you place an LZW TIFF into Indd and Export PDF you get ZIP or JPEG compression. Dov also said for storage of Masters; "For that purpose, personally, I typically use ZIP-compressed TIFF with ICC color-managed 16...
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    Changing to Pantone Spot Colours in PDFs

    The best way I think is Prinergy Workstation or similar where you can Map any Separation colours to any other. You can Map spot inks in Pitstop but its not as intuative and I'm not sure about cmyk. You can Map spot inks InDesign. Mapping will retain the tint weight but when you have artwork in...
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    Prinergy only sees half of a spread and incorrectly splits it.

    first and last pdf pages often have different trim box size to the rest when spreads is checked on Export.
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    Disappearing dot gains?

    Have a look at the dots with a microscope. Also find some fine text in a 100% colour. I've seen Ryobi press results where parts of the shape of the dot on the plate are missing or weak in the print, also it shows in a piece of fine text or solid stroke as gaps. I can't remember exactly what they...
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    Preflight checks, is this possible?

    Prinergy needs an extra module to retain the Layers, I think called Versioning. Prinergy 1st refine will honour the layer settings in the pdf but the refined pdf will have all the content on one layer. You can edit those Layer settings up front in Acrobat Pro, visibility and printing, but if...
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    Acrobat DC : annoying delay when clicking between Tabs

    I'm on Mojave and the latest Acrobat DC. I've got Pitstop and Prinergy Plugins. My set up is to alt click on the green traffic light to maximise the Window to fill the screen but leave the Contextual Menu across the top, I then have documents open full screen in Tabs at the top. Its useful for...
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    Pitstop 11 add marks to trim box issue

    thanks to you too abc
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    Pitstop 11 add marks to trim box issue

    abc please can you add this as a feature request. I needed 5mm bleed which pitstop does, but needed the marks offset 5mm rather than the standard 2 and a bit, I found this thread so am sorted now with Jonasukulore's .eals . I'd ideally like to be able to set the bleed and offsets in the Clean...
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    GUA forums down

    I had a Kodak support calI a couple of weeks ago about a font which wouldn't 1st refine in Prinergy 8.3 but would with 8.4. When I asked about being unable to find the GUA forums, the Kodak engineer in the UK thought that the GUA forum links had never worked from Europe. Let me know when they...
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    Where do colours start and end?

    my fave (even tho' vermilion is missing)
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    Matt Beals

    Very sad news. Matt posted on several forums always with good humour. One of the Giants on whose shoulders we can stand. RIP.
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    Adding printing areas on ctp plates

    the chemical component you require can be found on a new unexposed plate. Unfortunately I don't know how to transfer it from the new plate to your exposed plate :unsure:
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    Sheet Imposition Formula

    "folded panels being slightly unequal" I would think is referring to a 6pp roll fold finished size A4 would be typically set up as a spread with panel sizes 209-210-210 or 208-210-210 whereas a concertina or Z fold would typically be set up with equal panel sizes 210-210-210 If you have a throw...
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    Sheet Imposition Formula

    At Stage 1 take off the Gripper Margin(s) and Colour bar (Height may also include a white margin top and bottom) from your sheet size. as an example this could be 12mmGrip + 6mm Colour Bar +1mm +1mm (White Margins) = 20mm off your 720mm sheet. or as a 2nd example for a Perfecting Press 10mm...
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    Line&Strokes as PDF 5/1.4 from Latest Illustrator, become PathsWithFill

    As I understand it, later versions (including CS6) of Illustrator allow you to place the stroke inside or outside the vector (Align Stroke) as well as the default central to the vector, when you save Illy as PDF the mechanism isn't there so it converts to filled paths, the Illy half of the PDF...

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