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    The Night Shift

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    Debossing Foiling troubles

    This is not the right place for your question.
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    A Printer's Thanksgiving

    So, I have a confession. I always carry a loupe with me and, especially when I'm in grocery stores, I inspect the printing to see what type of halftone screening was used as well as extended color. I once overheard a lady in the store explain to her son as I was taking a close view of the...
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    A Printer's Thanksgiving

    N.B. This Thanksgiving is a United States national holiday – a day of giving thanks for the blessings of the harvest and of the preceding year. Similarly named harvest festival holidays occur on different dates throughout the world during autumn.
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    Pantone libraries still available...

    Maybe not in Adobe's apps, however, I've just downloaded the Serif Graphics V2 suite of apps and in Publisher V2 you can select Pantone colors. Perhaps worth checking out or even switching from InDesign (Publisher can read InDesign files)?
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    To maximize your quality potential you must eliminate "quality"

    Although it might sound nice - defining "quality" as perhaps including "exceeding customer expectations" is very problematic. "Deming states that the customer's definition of quality is the only one that matters.” That's correct. As for the rest, you seem to have missed the point of the...
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    Switching Support

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    To maximize your quality potential you must eliminate "quality"

    I think that the print standard(s) targeted by the print shop are usually set by the printer shop. I don't think that the editorial stated otherwise. That being said, there are some print customers that set the print standard they require if you are to do business with them. E.g. Coca-cola...
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    To maximize your quality potential you must eliminate "quality"

    Snipped for relevance. RE: "Mr. Crosby defined quality as a conformity to certain specifications set forth by management" > That is not IMHO "quality" (and certainly not Dr Demings). Management is not buying printing. Shoes that conform to management defined specifications are useless if they...
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    How fuzzy is it?

    Your post question is rather fuzzy. What do you mean by fuzzy. Can you post an image that exemplifies what you mean?
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    "I may not know about Lab or Lch dE but I know who pays the bill." Thanks for the kind words about my toons - it's appreciated.
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    Correctomundo. :) On a sidebar: when the presswork doesn't align with the proof the typical explanation is that "we beat the proof" or "looks much better than the proof" ;-)
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    Today's Excuses

    Isn’t the Battery in New York?
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    To maximize your quality potential you must eliminate "quality"

    Ask a group of printers if they consider themselves "quality" printers and you'll typically get a "yes" answer. But ask them to define specifically what quality means and you'll usually get blank stares. If you can't define something as critical as "quality" in print, then how can you quantify...

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