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    Prepress Job Interview

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    Printing Industry Standards/Dealer Ethics/Disclosures

    Before you go to an expensive lawyerI hope you talk to the dealer. Perhaps you can work something out with them. If not then tell them that you have no other recourse but legal action.
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    Buying Local

    I wonder if the buyer knows what's going on. The printer that I spoke to kept his offshoring of print a secret.
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    Direct Mail: An Incredible Tool in a Competitive Environment

    Hopefully Kenmore will spend a bit of time fixing their website and perhaps even put some content in it relating to their printing. All they have now is info on plastic face shields (which appear to be useless:
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    Buying Local

    Full disclosure...a printer I met at a GraphExpo some years ago told me that this was what he was doing. No joke :-(
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    Neenah’s Rethink Everything Project Creates Tactile Packaging

    Plastics in packaging is a massive problem. It would have been interesting to see these “creatives” come up with innovative designs that use (Neenah) paper to replace plastics in actual shelf destined product packaging instead of simply designing complicated gatefolds (which is nothing new) and...
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    Buying Local

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    Neenah’s Rethink Everything Project Creates Tactile Packaging

    If only it actually was a "packaging design project".
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    Trump pumps Kodak

    Well... "Although the review found no signs of Kodak breaking the law, it did find the company mishandled stock options granted to its CEO in the days leading up to the loan deal being signed." "Kodak CEO Jim Continenza and other Kodak executives fell under scrutiny for receiving stock options...
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    Diversity in Hiring

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    Soft proofing - Are all bets off?

    Just a question. Which flavour of RGB are you using?
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    Which dot shape?

    In my creo/kodak days I was surprised to see that quite a few Latin America publications printers (heatset web) were using FM for CMY and AM screening for K. The AM screened K has a lower lpi than the FM - this is normal. As a result, running the K as a relatively coarse AM screen gives a...
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    Which dot shape?

    Ah. I don’t think I’d class DM screening as a hybrid. Most people would associate hybrid screening with Agfa’s XM. There are similar screening technologies from other vendors. Those were originally developed for flexo and were subsequently applied to offset for the same reason.
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    Which dot shape?

    Absolutely. That depends of the design of the FM screen. Some are grainy - others not. The good thing about the Euclidean is that the dot shape, except for 50% tint, is the same for all screen angles and frequencies. And the dot is non-directional so it is less affected by press problems...
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    Which dot shape?

    What's particularly irksome is that this study went through the whole process from concept to publication with no one at Clemson University questioning or stopping it. Pitiful.

Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
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