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    The art of postage stamps

    It's unfortunate that all that image detail is lost in the stamp's reproduction. Considering that stamp enthusiasts examine stamps under a loupe it's sad that the US still uses a relatively coarse AM halftone screen rather than the 10 micron FM that some other countries - like Canada - use to...
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    The art of postage stamps

    Error: "The uploader has not made this video available in your country" :p I'm in Canada just up the road from you,
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    The Wrong File

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    Describing color shift tolerance in layman's terms

    That's the goal - to replace SIDs with L*a*b* values. Possibly because the experts haven't actually run a press themselves.
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    Describing color shift tolerance in layman's terms

    Descriptions of differences a very hard to communicate. What SWOP and later Idealliance did was to distribute printed Hi-Low ink density samples which showed the differences. Unfortunately they no longer do that. Packaging printers still create their own Hi-Low references for spot and brand...
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    Salary vs Hourly Wage

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    Handling a Complaint

    This RE:print was actually inspired by two things... I did some consulting work for the Los Angeles Times and was told by the prepress manager to be careful about what I say to the pressmen because "they have arms like Popeye." And, at a print shop in Canada where I ran some press tests, this...
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    Handling a Complaint

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    'Printing Press' the board game

    I think I'll stay put because I'm not the movable type.
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    Plate consistency

    It doesn't matter whether a linear curve was applied or not you should not see more than a 2% variation - if you're measuring correctly,The consistency of readings from vendor B and C suggests that vendor A's plates are the problem and not your RIP and CtP. On a side note it's best to read a...
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    Bad News

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    The Promotion

    People of the same culture also get confused - often.
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    The Promotion

    Director of Prepress Excellence! Or "DoPE" for short.
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    The Promotion


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