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    looking for cf carbonless ink

    Looking for cf sensitizing ink to make a form accept carbonless cb or cfb image. Paper customer needs is not made in carbonless cf. Only needs a 1 inch by 2 inch area .
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    paper allocation

    On Thursday September 30 2021 two of our paper merchants announced allocations based on our shipment since Jan 1 2021 through June 2021. The Tango mill is booked full till November. Has anybody received such information?
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    looking for self-contained cb

    I looking for self-contained cb carbonless sizes 11 x 17 or 22.5 x 34.5 .We have been this special project for years.
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    azura c95

    does anyone know how to set the speed on a c95 wah out unit. Thank you
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    Halm jet chemistry advice with poly plates

    WDP has been used in commercial shops for over 25 years on plastic plates. For Metal plates Gensis Think SF used in commercial printing for over 30 years.
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    Indigo printing is a plastic film

    Misleading and Green Washing it is. Bernie Landa new that 30 years ago. HP continues the trend. When we were children Liar Liar pants on fire still is appropriate today.
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    Indigo printing is a plastic film

    My take would be all pressroom scrap that contains any Indigo waste would have to be composted rendering it useless for recycling fiber. All packaging printed with an Indigo would have to have on the package "can be partially recycled by composting the paper fibers not the indigo plastic film."
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    Halm jet chemistry advice with poly plates

    Use Gensis WDP at 6 oz per gallon will fix you up. Send an email to and place and order. Comes in gallons, 2.5 gallons and 5 gallons .
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    Indigo printing is a plastic film

    Indigo printing is not recyclable HP_IND_A4_LEPx_whitepaper.pdf Page 9 of indigo white paper The HP Indigo Advantage The Sharpest Images and Text The extremely sharp dots created with HP ElectroInk and the LEP printing process deliver superior print quality and enable HP Indigo digital presses...
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    Toner supply issue

    Any trouble with Xante toners? Mine are on backorder.
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    pms Living Coral (16-1546) ink formula

    Does anyone have the pms formula for Living Coral (16-1546)?
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    Packaging innovator holds events to fight ocean litter

    We are very close to the point of being unable fix the plastic problem. A recent study has shown that micro plastics are in just about every thing including your stool.
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    recycleing in trouble

    More info on China and recycled pulp market.
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    CRON’s inking system to be demonstrated at PRINT

    I agree with you 100%
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    CRON’s inking system to be demonstrated at PRINT

    Erik. go to the show. Get the information you need first hand. Observe the device, come to your own conclusion. Second hand information will never satisfy you.

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