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    KM bizhub PRESS C6000 vs. Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C9075 or 9076 PRO

    The Canon 6000/7000/6010/7010 has by far the best paper feed system I ever worked on in over 36 yrs. If there is jamming, 95% of the time is because paper is not configured properly. Once a user is up to speed on registering media there is virtually no jams. Front to back registration needs a...
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    Canon c6000VP

    Again, when they are "new" they tend to run at peak, but wait a few 100k, then see the results. I worked on them for 3 years, and I say there is no changes in service mode that are going to fix the inherent problems in the fixing unit. The corrected air-flow in the process unit is still suspect...
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    Canon c6000VP

    There is no way the Canon 6010/7010 reliability has improved other than removing one web that had to be replaced every 85K. The fixing units are identical, and that is 60-70% of service calls, if you run variable media. Like mentioned in other threads, the rollers are not designed to handle the...
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    Best Digital Printer today

    Best Digital Printer... Best Digital Printer... Having primarily serviced the Canon 6000/7000 the past 3 years, I can agree whole heartedly with all of its users about the downtime. It is not service friendly and it is definatley not environment friendly. This machine requires a constant...
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    Imagepress C1 - is it the right machine for us?

    As soon as you have a need for any volume job you will start kicking yourself in the rear. Forget front to back registration as well if needed, and the paper trays are all different in edge registration to boot. Print quality is very good, but long term machine will give you many headaches...
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    Canon 7000VP...rollers getting cut up...paper being blamed.

    canon 6000/7000 issues canon 6000/7000 issues I am a little late joining this, but I service these models and can give a little more info on the line/scratch issues. The cuts caused by the lead edge of media are known as cross-feed and go from the op-side to non-op sides of the page, but may...

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