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  1. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    Paper Shortage

    The Big Printers are hoarding paper. I am a small direct mail shop and can not get paper. I talked to someone ( a driver) that delivers for a large printer here in SW florida - he said they have a full time person that does nothing but sit in front of a computer and order paper. He was told to...
  2. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    Handwritten Font for Variable Data

    Does anyone have a source for handwritten fonts for variable data?
  3. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    Envelope Printing

    yes, i have a Mach 6 and have owned 2 Mach 5 printers.
  4. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    Envelope Printing

    I love my Mach 6 inkjet. Printed 10k color envelopes in about 2 hours.
  5. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    Ink jet envelope printer

    Only other comment is the ink is very expensive. The manufacturer will tell you the cost per piece is low. However, I haven't seen that with my Mach 6.
  6. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    Mail Still Matters

    I have a Mach 6- and its great. I don't think its as ink efficient as it could be. The ink is expensive. $1200 for a full kit. Have you guys thought about making the ink more reasonable in price? You would sell more units. I would even buy a 2nd unit if the ink was about 45% less expensive...
  7. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    anyone have a KM Accurio C6085?

    Hi I have a KM 6085 w/ Fiery 313. Very happy with machine. A few minor issues but it was more about my vendor not understanding my machine.
  8. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    Ink jet envelope printer

    Overall Mach 6 is a great printer.
  9. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    Ink jet envelope printer

    I have Mach 6. Great machine! You. Can message me for specific questions.
  10. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    E.F.I. Fiery

    Have you used variable images with it? I mean lots of variable images... for example when I run 5,000 pages there may be 10,000 variable images...
  11. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    E.F.I. Fiery

    oh thanks i will look at that imposer.
  12. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    E.F.I. Fiery

    Has Fiery been bought out by ADOBE? I bought my Fiery 2 years ago new. Big mistake. Poor support. Excuses. I am trying to make a living and they are updating bi-weekly which causes conflicts with my printer. I spent almost $100,000 (cash purchase C6085) with Konica Minolta - they suggested...
  13. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    Problem with Fiery "impose" not saving variable images

    Hi, thanks for asking. Yes, windows 10 updated and my Adobe Acrobat XI stopped working so I updated to Adobe DC however all that started before the Adobe update but after the Windows 10 update. I prefer to use my fiery Impose - it has some features Fusion Pro Impose doesnt have... right now I...
  14. Jbrujster (Mailing Guy)

    Problem with Fiery "impose" not saving variable images

    Hope someone has an idea! I have been creating variable pdfs with Fusion Pro. I then use "Fiery Impose" to impose. This has been working fine until recently. I sent the pdf to Fiery, then "impose" and it works fine until I save the "imposed" document. When saving it looses he variable...

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