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    Customer file submission

    The best term ever is "turd polisher".
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    Kodak and Preps

    To be integrated with Prinergy Preps has to installed on the server but you can install it on as many Windows/Macs clients as you please but you will be limited on how many can be running at once based on the number of licenses you have. You really don't ever use the install of Preps on the...
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    VERTICAL Flip Book Maker?

    This one can. FLIPHTML5
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    Prinergy Connect 9 Rotate 1bit tif prior output

    Yeah that is because it does the rotation before the shift. I think the only way to solve this would be to build your template 180° from what you are doing now.
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    Prinergy Connect 9 Rotate 1bit tif prior output

    It is just the way it works. We just create a process template for each press with the correct value for each one.
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    Poll: Switching to Affinity?

    You can buy Acrobat without a subscription.
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    Poll: Switching to Affinity?

    AFFINITY SPRING SALE 50% OFF EVERYTHING $26.99 for each app. Can't beat the price if you need something at home and don't want to pay the Adobe subscription.
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    A Product's Life

    A lot of the time the end user is some guy that hates change and keeps wanting to do things the way they were done in 1984.
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    Making plates remotely?

    Definitely needs to be setup correctly or you are just peeing into the wind.
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    Making plates remotely?

    Look into a VPN for your workplace. Much more secure than an open RDP connection to the outside world.
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    M1 Mac with Monterey

    It will probably have to be a new 24" model (base model $1299.00). It seems the Mac Studio (base model $1999.00) & 27" Mac Studio Display ($1599.00) are the replacement for the 27" line. ($3598.00) There are no NEW 27" iMacs listed on their website any longer. Will there be a 27 inch m1 iMac...
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    Acrobat Rotation Key

    Once you have your preflight setup you can run it on whatever page ranges needs to be rotated so it only affects those pages. The rotation key will still be 0° for all pages when you are done. When you use Pitstop or Acrobat Preflight to rotate pages it actually rotates the content. Not change...
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    Acrobat Rotation Key

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    Acrobat Rotation Key

    You can rotate the pages using an Acrobat Preflight and the rotation key will still be 0° In the rotated file just like Pitstop does it.
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    Adobe to remove Pantone books from Creative Cloud

    That is 100% true. In the old days you could skip a version or two and save money like in the CS2 days. By CS3, 5, 5.5, and 6 Adobe had closed that loophole so if you saved money by skipping a version you lost those savings when you finally did upgrade because the version of the upgrade was...

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