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    Hamada B452A Part No. E42-67-01-3

    I'm looking for Hamada B452A : CPU BOARD E42-67-01-3 Do you know any contact who have the part?
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    Does Anyone have this Part E42-67-01-3 for Hamada B452A or any contacts..
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    E4e14 exposoure headerror (irregular power supply instantaneous loss)

    I get the same Error, But this only happens while one plate in the drum and when we try to Open the Cover and Closing it (While the other plate is burning) -- Screen PTR 8100 Can anyone Help?
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    Need Help with Screen PTR 8100 Production Data Sheet

    We had few problems with PTR 8100, We lost all the printing machine / plate & media type settings. When I create a new settings there was a error saying double plate detected (We use KODAK Plates), as per instruction from screen technician I copied from test data (FUJI .3mm) and double plate...
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    -5v Power Supply [Screen PTR8100]

    Yeah. We tried it benjamin it seems like problem with the head board 1. Tried the sensor errors, will try replacing the board.
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    -5v Power Supply [Screen PTR8100]

    I think its the power supply, since it was giving -5v Power supply errors previously, I check the multi meter values comes as 0. plus green LED not working as well.
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    -5v Power Supply [Screen PTR8100]

    Hi, Does anyone know where to purchase a -5v Power Supply and the Cost?
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    Screen Platerite 8100 Banding

    This was solved. It was due to Loose connection with Interface card.
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    Screen Platerite 8100 Banding

    we use .30mm plates
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    Screen Platerite 8100 Banding

    Hi theShaft, thanks for the reply. We are using Kodak plates. We tried using a chinese plate as well but same problem comes up. We use Kodak Developer well as Technova Developer. I think I have changed the focus values some time back. DR} I have to check on buffer, screen technician is out...
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    Screen Platerite 8100 Banding

    Hello, We have this strange banding on plates, which is more visible in solids. This effect is in entire plate, despite plate brand. Any Help on this? Thanks.

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