Need Help with Screen PTR 8100 Production Data Sheet

We had few problems with PTR 8100, We lost all the printing machine / plate & media type settings. When I create a new settings there was a error saying double plate detected (We use KODAK Plates), as per instruction from screen technician I copied from test data (FUJI .3mm) and double plate detection was gone but there was a huge vibration when drum is spinning at (settings at 800rpm), when writing the plate. Technician came and asked for Production Test Data which we don't have since we bought the machine 2nd Hand (Tried contacting the seller and no response). However he manage to minimize the vibration but there was a vibration in the beginning and end of burning a plate (Unlike before there was no vibration at all). When we tried to operate the machine next day same vibration came throughout the burning process for the first plate and next plate machine does not take plates in (Machine tries to push the plate to the drum twice and eject and comes with a mechanical error). Screen Technician says he need the Production Datasheet.

1. How can I get the production datasheet?
2. Can anyone suggest a person who does paid online support.
We had a double plate error when trying to use Sonora plates on a new installation of an 8600. They were too light and reflective which gave us the false double plate error when no other plate did. That error comes from the fly-off sensor in the back and has nothing to do with input parameters. We recalibrated the sensor and switched from "black" to "white" position (also on the sensor) and now it's all good.


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it'n not that big deal just calibrate ph25 and floating sensor and will be ok , but the way try cleaning vacuum holes on drum also if vibreating not goes off check air bearing and lastly drum bearing

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