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    Gloss Cover Prices...

    I've been seeing $98-104/cwt for coated stock after the most recent increases. So $385/m for 26x40 #100 cover is totally reasonable. In fact, I'd bet it will be even higher the next time you order. Less than 18 months ago we were paying $58/cwt - it's completely bonkers.
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    Adobe moving away from the US

    Who'd have thunk you could split one hair so many times....
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    Environmentally Conscious

    Here's the entire us for comparison:
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    ACM cutting for small signs

    You can use basically any router from Home Depot to cut ACM. I think our guys use a 6mm upcut bit. You could build a jig or buy a table for it. It won't be computer controlled, but you should be in the couple hundred bucks range. And it will be way safer than scoring ACM by hand. Yikes!
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    Coca-Cola to Launch Paper Bottles

    Learned that lesson with scrap metal here. We sort it for them now because they leave a mess otherwise. I'm all for the initiative, but part of that is cleaning up after yourself too.
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    Coca-Cola to Launch Paper Bottles

    Coca Cola - Less waste and less white!
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    Delivery charges (FedEx)

    We've had them update addresses and deliver to businesses that have moved. I don't know if that would apply to a residential address tho.
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    Delivery charges (FedEx)

    We also run lists through Cass and NCOA but still get lots of correction charges from both UPS and FedEx. Some of them seem legit. Some are ridiculously minor. Some are flat out incorrect. All cost $18 and we aren't gonna get it back unless we want to spend at least $50 worth of time arguing...
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    LA Times is wobbling

    If you have to ask how much money they lose every year, you can't afford it.
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    Thermography Printing & Slow Dry Ink Question

    Kodak Nexpress raised clear toner can be made to look a lot like thermography. We do a handful of business cards that way.
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    Introducing Your Team

    Yeah, but shouldn't he be telling the customer about their environmental, health and safety protocols plus additional Covid-19 precautions first?
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    The Celebration

    I've never understood why people don't put QR codes on their cards. Isn't the goal to get me to save your information? The odds of that are much better if I don't have to tell the reader app there isn't an "S" in your phone number.
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    Printing Industry Standards/Dealer Ethics/Disclosures

    I've purchased a number of machines that were used as demonstration models at shows from a variety of vendors. Each and every time I was told up front and received a discount off the price of a new machine. Sometimes the warranty was extended to meet or exceed the warranty on a new machine...
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    Trump pumps Kodak

    It looks like we'll find out. SEC is going to investigate. I think the 1.75 million shares were just options. I don't think that would show up in trade volume.
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    Trump pumps Kodak

    Would you say the tall bar is roughly 20x taller than the previous shorter bar? If so, the graph is accurate - according to the CNBC article you posted anyway: "On Monday, prior to the announcement, 1,645,719 shares traded hands in the stock, far surpassing Friday’s 74,893 trades, and Thursday’s...

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