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    How to Pantone on colored papers?

    You don't. Farm out the job to a printer with appropriate equipment, match the colour paper to the background ink and adjust the Pantone to CMYK. Otherwise you're on a fools errand. For example; what happens when the customer returns next month and wants a different colour paper. First rule...
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    Sick Time Off

    Don't get me started about the requirement of a doctor's note for time off.
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    Expanding the Role

    Now that, would be considered a poor attitude in my experience. The objective was more work, same pay. Employee called him on it. Her days are numbered.
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    Employee Input

    My wife is the same. She'll ask me about something. I'll tell her. She will then ask a store sales person or someone else the exact same question for confirmation. Usually while I'm standing right beside her. Just to let me know she thinks I'm an idiot.
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    We Don’t Preflight

    That's when you put through their file as is and let the chips fall. Not suggested for a large job because chances are you won't be paid and will never hear from that person again. Not a bad thing.
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    We Don’t Preflight

    I fix a lot of files free. It's a lot faster & easier than explaining why and I'd end up having to teach them how to do it anyway, which I don't have the time or patience for. Then you have to explain that, yes we actually do charge for this sort of thing, it's what we do for a living. If it's...
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    Saw several letterpress operators eventually lose their jobs because they couldn't adapt to offset. They were required to learn & run an offset machine part of the day because there was no longer enough letterpress work. Used to work with a guy who'd get pissed at the Compugraphic (I *think* it...
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    Covid-19 Creates Opportunity

    On the other hand, if the flame does get out of control, you may never have to worry about the virus, or anything else, ever again. heh,heh,heh.
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    Newspaper Executive Says Newspapers Are Finished

    Torstar Media has just been sold. It will be interesting to see what that evolves into. Torstar is a fairly major newspaper publisher.
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    Covid-19 Creates Opportunity

    Grind the alcohol treated sheet into a pulp, mix with 7Up and sit under a UV lamp while sipping your drink. Add tiny umbrella for effect. Works as well as bleach!
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    Splatter/reactive target printing

    Sounds similar to a scratch lottery ticket where a film overlay is applied.
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    Books cut in polar *need advice*

    Couple thoughts. Make sure the blade is sharp. Try turning the books so the spine is facing the opposite direction in the cutter. Also check clamp pressure.
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    Some Jobs

    Seen this more than a few times.
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    Asking for charitable donations

    I used to go by there often. I think early, mid 80's. Had friends that lived on Sproat Lake across from the water bombers. During summer I'd go most weekends. The Ferry was affordable then and one could generally find a party of sorts on the car deck. I seem to recall the store having good...
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    Asking for charitable donations

    Is there still goats on the roof in Coombs?

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