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    Legal child marriage in the US

    Related to the original post (sort of). Incest is still legal in Rhode Island & New Jersey. Surprising; not the states I would have guessed.
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    Legal child marriage in the US

    The US has become a third world kleptocracy.
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    Fixing a Color Problem

    I once spent 3 - 4 hours pulling proofs for an ad agency client. It was of the same colour. It was to be for their clients stationery. Each time she would take the proof outside to view under sunlight/daylight. Ad agency was charged for press time. Finally got the OK and printed the order...
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    What are your print industry training resources?

    :eek: I must have been doing something wrong all these years. I've generally been able to tell if a prospective hire was a good fit and knew what they were talking about after a minute or 2 of conversation.
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    PNG file displays artifacts on printer's website

    Sounds like you're wasting your time with this printer. Move on.
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    HELP with a print problem!!!

    No kidding! My response . . . I guess you'll need 5,000 monitors then! In fairness, people are more educated than a few years ago. And monitor quality has improved vastly. I used to have to ask; Is this a monitor you picked up at Walmart for $100.00? They were like early colour televisions...
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    HELP with a print problem!!!

    You should post the original PDF file. Let's start by examining that. What it looks like on screen doesn't matter.
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    Faint images

    Something about this seems vaguely familiar. It's been years since I've run a Hamada, or any press for that matter. But I seem to recall once having that problem on a Hamada and it seems to me the impression trip required some minute adjustment. I don't remember how to do that. Could've been...
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    Looking for a press operator

    Must be a museum, heh,heh.
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    Ryobi 3302 intermittently skewed feeding

    That's right. Just kiss the stationary guide (the one that formerly had the spring attached). Obviously make certain the guide is square to the paper. Square a sheet to your front stops, then square the push register guides to the sheet - 90 degrees. You'll find this will save you a ton of...
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    Ryobi 3302 intermittently skewed feeding

    95% of my time spent running this equipment was without the spring. Way better & faster results. The only time I used the spring was for poorly trimmed paper. Even then it was usually quicker & easier to trim a shave off the paper. Same story with Hamada's when I ran those that had a push...
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    Ryobi 3302 intermittently skewed feeding

    I could be reading wrong. It sounds like the skew is happening before the paper reaches the stops & feed roller, so why adjust them. I usually found the rubber rollers where the paper first comes off the feed pile to be the reason. If you've been battling this I'll presume you've tried adjusting...
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    Total Boxes required with weights

    Fill the first box, then do the math for the rest of the job. Take notes so you'll have it for next time. Eventually you'll build up a database of various packaging scenarios.
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    Magazine with 8000 unique covers

    And electric windows is about where they should have stopped. Apparently you have yet to encounter the 'Stop & Go' feature, or whatever it's called. I'll stop right now, otherwise I'll be ranting for the rest of the day.
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    Magazine with 8000 unique covers

    Kind of like a lot of the fancy gadgets on my new car.