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    So How many prepress technicians got laid off because of Covid-19

    ILO says, 400 million jobs lost due to the pandemic. Nothing more to comment on it
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    So How many prepress technicians got laid off because of Covid-19

    Covid-19 has affected badly all sectors
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    Image Quality Thoughts....

    I never had this issue
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    Not sure, we are not using it now
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    Missregistration between fist and second printing station.

    Measure the accurate print length if using metal plates
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    Adobe Alternative?

    Alternatves are QuarkXPress, Scribus,PageStream, Passepartout
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    Online Communities Can Keep Marketing Insights Going During Covid-19

    It is true, digital and information technology proved to be the toughest
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    No one talking about corona virus yet? - Thoughts on slowing down

    When the thing becomes old, it is no new to discuss as a hot topic.
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    Do you still have healthcare?

    Fortunately, we are having health care insurance
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    How do you see your business affected during COVID-19?

    My business has decreased by 50% in this crisi.
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    Paying Bills...

    Thank god, I have no equipments on lease,but I pay bills thorugh online.
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    Dealing with a pandemic

    Handling the situation is really difficult, but we have to manage all situations and do our business

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What about Profitability?
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