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    Docutech 6115 and supplies, print server, and Canon Imagepress c6000, xerox 4110

    Trying to get rid of the last of my stuff. Need the space. I have: -Docutech 6115 (with interposers/finishers) please note this unit the print engine fell on it's side...could be used for various parts etc. The rest of the machine attachments are fine. -Docusp print server Sun Microsystems...
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    Is Kodak paying attention?

    I'd really like to see them make a turn around though. I think they have a good portfolio of technologies but they need to expand on them. Fire some executives and use the money to hire back some engineers and start making great products again.
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    Protective Packing for UPS shipping

    Is it a banner sign that can be rolled up and put in a tube mailer or a hard 3 dimensional sign like on the buildings of stores? If it can be rolled up, then priority mail has these triangular mailing boxes that work well. If it's a large solid sign and can be broken down into smaller pieces...
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    USPS Postage Decrease Scheduled For 4-10-2016

    I remember shipping via UPS and FedEx in the 90's and they starting sending out these fuel surcharge increase notices because the price of gas was going up. This happened several times over the past 20+ years. Kind of funny though that in the past two years, oil and gas prices have been...
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    USPS Postage Decrease Scheduled For 4-10-2016

    Nice. You don't see price decreases in shipping/transportation too often.
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    Investment property, financing, and related things...

    This is kind of applicable to this thread category. So I'm looking at getting an investment property that has a dock, retail store, and apartment units on top. I've never gotten involved in business mortgages, etc., just personal residence. I'm curious what to expect and if you all out there...
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    Self serve customer walk up print/copy environment

    Interesting. I'm not sure if you guys have little grocery stores with a copier in them. Almost everyone around here had a walk up machine, even our post office had one. They usually weren't maintained well but you had to put the coins in before you could do anything. I just kind of realized...
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    Check Printing Software

    MailGuru Thanks for the input. I've pondered whether they used some proprietary software or a modified setup. I did earlier this year have a situation where the fact that I had duplicate checks was helpful. My bank got bought out, yet again, so I get a letter one day that you only have a...
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    Self serve customer walk up print/copy environment

    So I was wondering how many printers/commercial printers/quick printers have their shop setup to allow walk-in customers to do their own copying. Kind of like how Staples is set up. There's the person behind the counter with the larger equipment and then several self serve units. Do you...
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    Check Printing Software

    I know what you mean. I remember using early applications of OCR and it was terrible, but like most things it has come a long way. Ironically OCR might be going out the door to with all these new ways to pay like samsung pay, google wallet, etc. One of the banks here was test rolling out a...
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    Check Printing Software

    Yes using MICR toner. Actually you may find this interesting. I was reading where MICR ink and toner is not required by the federal reserve anymore because banks did away with magnetic reading and use OCR (optical character recognition). Also, you don't even have to physically present checks...
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    Check Printing Software

    I figured I'd post here since maybe some of you that use or service any of the MICR capable printers would know or remember anything to answer my question. My question is what software do commercial printers use to print blank checks? I know there has to be a production software out there...
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    Roland Wide Format Printers

    You'll probably need a UV ink to print on vynil or plastic. I think Epson has UV ink.
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    What Is the Difference Between Offset Printing and Digital Printing?

    So true. And unfortunately with digital copiers/printers, whenever there's a really good solid machine that starts building up a good reputation, the manufacturer takes it away from us and replaces it with junk most of the time.
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    Offset vs Digital Quantity...

    About 10 years ago people in the industry used to say that when you hit around 1,000 Qty that it starts to make sense to go offset. But since then click charges have gone down quite a bit and some don't charge double for larger sheet sizes. I'd recommend making a little "program" in excel that...

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