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    Pitstop action to insert blank pages

    Any updates on this I am stuck with the same issue of needing to add a blank page to every third page in my pdf in order for it to print in duplex mode , anyone?
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    mobile proofing

    Thats great is there a site I can demo?
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    best VDP solution?

    I use something called SmartStream the software come with the purchase of our HP machine. Works well for basic and advanced stuff easy to use plugin to Indesign not sure what its costs though. bring CSV into your indesigh doc and export imposed to PDF and other formats. has gone funny once or...
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    mobile proofing

    Will your solutioninterface with HeidelbergPrinect?
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    Microsoft Printer Driver

    That's one for lostmind to explain I load device specific drivers or PPD's.
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    Microsoft Printer Driver

    It's the one way I know how to get a "Generic" PS driver installed. The Compatiblity mode enabled you to the programme with which to install the PPD
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    Microsoft Printer Driver

    I am running vista 32 bit (Ultimate) the installed runs in compatible mode (windows XP) and a default PPD is available for installation.
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    Microsoft Printer Driver

    Download and install the Adobe Universal PostScript Windows driver try this

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