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    Duplo Bin

    Google coroplast, coroplast hinges and rachet rivets and make your own custom sized bins.
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    small print shop services?

    You have about 80% of what you need to be a photo services provider, assuming the Canon printer can provide photo quality. You can offer customized photo greeting cards and related products. A couple of points: You need to willing to be "retail" to do this. Small, but high margin orders. You...
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    Is Xerox a Buyout Target?

    Fuji kind of tried to take over Xerox a while back when they worked to completely own the Fuji / Xerox joint venture. There was a big battle and it didn't happen. Since Fuji manufactures many of the advanced color Xerox machines they have some leverage. They have announced they will be selling...
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    EOL on a 6-7 year old printer - what are consequences?

    At the end of our 5 year lease on our Xerox V80 we sold it to a friend as a favor. We sold it for the buy-out amount and took care to make sure we followed the rules to keep it under a Xerox click/maintenance program. Our friend is happy with it and has it under a Xerox click program. . Bu he...
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    Xerox Primelink C9065 vs Versant 180

    We briefly had an earlier incarnation of the Primelink when it was called the Xerox Color 550/560 if I am not mistaken. We are are a photo lab that used it to print photo greeting cards. We sent it back to Xerox under their total satisfaction guarantee., i.e. we hated it. Our older Docucolor was...
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    Walk-in self serve printer from phone!

    We use iOS airdrop a lot in our photo lab and occasionally for page printing in our digital press department. We drag the file into the appropriate workflow and print it. We would never do this for 15 cents. We have a $3 minimum, which is probably way too low priced, but photo labs are...
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    Purchasing Printing Business (digital only)

    We had a guy we were friendly with a half mile down the road shut down his small offset only shop. We did some of his color digital. His building was worth a lot and he wanted to retire. He gave us for free his customer list and files and also sent his customers a letter recommending us. I...
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    Best envelope printer?

    We were never happy with lightweight envelope printers and it looks like that is a common experience. When we added a Xerox Versant some years ago, we were able to take our envelope printing to our main machine and it worked OK or at least better than the small solutions. I bet you could get a...
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    GPS Trackers Test Mail Delivery Time

    USPS is doing much better this Holiday Season here in Northern Ohio. At this time last year we had nearly a thousand packages in limbo stored in trailers at the Cleveland facility. Unscaned and many were delivered after more than 4 weeks.
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    Paper Shortage?

    One of may customers manages a plant for a large corrugated carton manufacturer. I asked him there was unusual competition for wood pulp and such. He said " no, we own our own forests."
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    Xerox Toner Shortages-Anyone Else Having Problems?

    For the Versant 4100 the drum and toner issue seems to be resolved. We now have ample supplies.
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    PRINTING United Expo-2021 Cancelled

    One of my colleagues went to WPPI and said it was a shadow of its former event. Trade shows are still struggling and may do so for a long time since the virus looks to be staying for a considerable period of time. We had our big trade show in July and had to beg our largest vendor to get their...
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    Seeking advice of speeding up production of notepads

    We can compose, impose, print and stack trim our customized notepads just fine. The bottleneck is our padding press. We can do about 200 at a time on it, but unstacking and trimming the stacks apart is pretty slow and looks like our current production bottleneck. Let me "note" that each...
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    Xerox C60 vs J75 vs V80

    Our V80 does a good job with labels with just one jam recently. We have looked at the output from the Xerox adaptive color kit as you call it. We were unimpressed with the samples. They are interesting but do not give the WOW factor that the Iridesse ( I know, much more expensive) or other...

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