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    What Equipment in Your Shop Do You Undervalue?

    Anyone remember "Envo-grams"? Two machines, side-by-side, running at the same time. The first machine would separate and roll up the carbon copy material, then it fed into the burster that would burst them out. It was AWESOME!
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    What Equipment in Your Shop Do You Undervalue?

    Loved my burster, too (back in the 90's). To watch that thing run full speed was a thing of beauty. Did not know you could even buy continuous feed forms anymore. We would print on them with high-speed band impact printers.
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    You're right, I'm not one of your major shareholders. But, as "pure luck" would have it, during the supply-chain shortage, when we could not get plates or inks delivered from you, we found an alternate source. They didn't fare as well as you during the pandemic, so, they're lowering their prices.
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    Dropping College Degree Boosts Hiring

    Funny. Waaaayyy back in the day, I dreamed of working for IBM (I was a self-taught computer programmer & consultant). Could not get a job there because you have to have a college degree. BUT, they did hire me as an independent contractor making approx 4x what they were paying their own...
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    Paper Triage

    That's all fine and dandy, but, watch how everyone scrambles in panic and chaos when their computer/server crashes, or, they get hacked and can't access their files as they try to revert back to hard copy processes.......................
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    Paper Triage

    Truer than you realize. Back in the day, a printer would win, or, lose a job based on pricing, service and reputation. In today's world it has come to availability of paper.
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    NEW Adobe Terms of Use eBlast

    Just for edification - A "Customer Success Manager" is a person whose job it is to successfully retain you as a customer, while simultaneously screwing you over.
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    #10 Envelopes and Discounts from Vendor

    I agree with tngcas. Just bad timing. Typically, from a paper vendor, if you're ordering 10,000 or 100,000, your /m cost will not vary much.. If you need to order in large quantities (I'd say anything above 100k), you should be ordering direct from an envelope converter (where your paper vendor...
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    Xerox V280

    I agree with jwheeler. Sounds high. BTW, I have had success in the past by negotiating the click charge down from what they initially proposed. Especially, if it's a B&W click, double-especially if they think you may be going with a different vendor.
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    New Survey Shows Readers Overwhelmingly Prefer Physical Books

    Smart man! Just out of curiosity, has he ever discussed lottery numbers with you? (He was dead accurate on books.....)
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    New Survey Shows Readers Overwhelmingly Prefer Physical Books

    My wife reads a lot. She does have a Kindle, but, I don't think that thing has been used in years.
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    Xerox V280

    Is there a significant savings in the click charges? When the company I used to be with switched from the V2100 to the V3100, the savings on the click charges with our volume, basically made the lease payment free! It was a no-brainer.
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    Poor Britney...not enough paper to print her autobiography

    How many sheets of paper does it take to say "I got in to show biz, then, I went crazy"? Two sheets per book?
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    Where buying newspaper ad space excels

    Hell hath no fury............................................
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    I can't find 130# Gloss Cover 12x18

    Most of my contacts are in SE United States, but, I 'll keep an eye out.

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