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    Photobook Printing Presses

    Blurp ( which is owned by RPI ) has both HP Indigo an Xerox iGen - but am guessing they are using HPs to print the books From the article ( link below ) "RPI has one of the industry’s largest fleets of HP’s Indigo digital printers..."
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    Newbie in the Wide Format Industry

    Less expensive is an adobe illustrator plug in named "PaSharp"
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    pdf export options from Meta

    what is "Meta" ? You mean "export Metadata?" you wrote; "I'm sure there must be a way to export a non rasterized pdf from meta" Is Meta some application I am unfamiliar with ?
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    US Patent Awarded for Automated Job Estimating

    Wow. Like I would need a system to tell me business cards can run 24 up on a 12x18 sheet 4/4 on an indigo. Pretty much all storefronts offer a way to estimate time / cost - and most Print MIS can automate it so one can place an order and it will automatically impose and print unattended (...
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    W2P Software Purchases to Increase

    We were recently asked to participate in a webinar - we were joined by Adam Homsi - ( ) - Trent Foreman (, developer of the Pressero W2P solution - it was informative and fun. We discussed the ins and outs of W2P but also discussed Print MIS connectivity.
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    How do you see your business affected during COVID-19?

    This is an April Fools post, so they can order right ? I mean, when you set up online storefront templates for customer to use - InPlants and universities LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to use SSO and order items, print, inventory or even services. Stats dont lie ? Maybe your stats, but certainly...
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    Metrix 2013 user - other options?

    another option
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    Print PDF for printing on glass

    my German sucks Ulrich ! Care to share a screen capture in English ? - LOL
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    Adobe Ending Support For Type 1 Fonts...

    Thanks Dov !
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    Print PDF for printing on glass

    Okay, so, this PDF is how the files arrive. They are designed so that they print on glass. you need to open in Acrobat then use the overprint preview tool ( otherwise, it will look blank / white ) The white needs to be printed first, then the colors on top of the white. - while this works...
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    Is there a Non-Printing Layers Preflight?

    still not purple, but that is okay !
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    Is there a Non-Printing Layers Preflight?

    FYI - your profile image is neither purple nor a penguin.
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    Alternative to high resolution imagesetting

    well, you can't polish poop I guess.
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    Alternative to high resolution imagesetting

    When I worked for Compose, we sold "film" ( which was a roll of coated plastic ) that was "exposed" using the Epson inkject printer ( it worked ! ) - I dont work for them now, but here is a video that explains it ( maybe this might work for you ? ) best of luck !
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    My Story

    It was the Canadian spelling of Carry, you know, like Color is Colour.


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