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    Digital Metallic Ink Xerox vs. Rioch vs. HP

    I think a sleeker would be a much better solution.
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    Ricoh Pro c9210 Print Quality Issue

    I don't have that machine, but I was able to find this. Hopefully something in there is helpful.
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    Canon USA Charging Shipping on Contract Supplies?

    I just ordered 12 boxes of toner last week for our ImagePress 10000 and it came to $197 which seems about right for freight. $500 seems high, but maybe you order a lot more than we do at a time.
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    Canon USA Charging Shipping on Contract Supplies?

    Yeah, they're charging us too. My boss was pretty pissed, but so far hasn't had any luck fighting it.
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    I Self-Identify

    But BROTHER makes printers. It's all starting to make sense now!
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    Plockmatic Pro35

    Generally in-line finishers treat each file as a set, so unless there's some kind of subset finishing option in your controller, you'll need to send it as 500 1 page documents. It should be pretty easy with a hotfolder. Acrobat has a feature that allows you to split pages, so you could just tell...
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    KM C8000 Bent Corners and Jamming Exiting Fuser

    Have you tried running NR short edge? It's slower, but it might prevent the dog ears.
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    Konica 6100 / Fiery issue with transparency

    How do you print to your fiery? Are you using Hotfolder, or the print driver? Your driver might be overwriting settings. I don't use the driver for anything on our printers.
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    Konica 6100 / Fiery issue with transparency

    Unfortunately our shop uses Canon's PrismaSync controllers so I haven't used a Fiery in about 10 years.
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    Konica 6100 / Fiery issue with transparency Make sure your settings are correct. I printed the file on my printer and it printed without issue.
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    Konica 6100 / Fiery issue with transparency

    A PDFX/4 workflow could probably prevent this. You can go here to get test files and instructions on being compliant. You shouldn't have to flatten or anything once you get it working, and it will eliminate tons of future issues.
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    What to get after Xerox Versant 3100, what is in same class or a bit better?

    Canon/Oce has a headquarters in Venlo which might be a selling point for service and parts availability. I wouldn't go with in-line finishing, I'd get an offline machine that you can continue to use no matter what printer you use. An offline booklet maker will last you several generations of...
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    Lines in the print on iJet 1175P

    It's been my experience that vendor samples are usually not quality controlled. I've seen samples of Canon's iX with print head strikes, and that's a million dollar machine. We have the nxt, and these voids pop up occasionally, but I just wipe the head with a lint free cloth and it's back to...
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    printers on carpet

    We have one machine in a carpeted room and one on concrete. I've never noticed any issues on either machine. If you're concerned with spills just buy a toner vac.
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    Upgrading to a Canon V700

    The 750 is an Imagepress. If the new V models have corner registration then it should solve all of my complaints with registration. That's what our 10000 uses and it's fantastic.

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