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    Can it be done a lot simpler? What do you think?

    Hi, Many thanks for stopping by to view this post. I am trying to look at a NEW way, unfortunately on a budget of course, to re-plan how work is done in our pre-press department, we recently had a unfortunate accident with an old RIP computer which in turn has caused quite a lot of hassle. We...
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    Looking for a cheap or free RIP'ing software for an Epson Printer?

    Many thanks for your input, i will take a closer look into these suggestions, as for the model number, i will get back intouch with you about this later when i get the chance to get back onto it. Once again, many thanks
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    Looking for a cheap or free RIP'ing software for an Epson Printer?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there has any idea's on what software to use on a Epson printer? I used a Roland VS-300 at the moment which comes with Versa Works and we have managed to get this to produce good quality prints that our customers seem to like. However, it seems that Epson do...
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    Outputting To Film Via Inkjet Printer Help!!

    Many thanks for having a look at my question, any advice would be gratefully appreciated. I am looking for a new way of outputting films due to the fact that it is getting harder to locate somewhere that can produce films at a competitive price, fast turnaround and also within an ideal...
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    Trapping Software, any advice?

    Mark Tonkovich - Many thanks to you also, i now have lots of information to look over and ponder my next move, this is exactly why i posted on this forum to get people with print back grounds to put there inputs in and also for sales people to plug their products towards me, many thanks.
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    Trapping Software, any advice?

    Michael Jahn - can i say thankyou to you, i will look into your idea, i have never heard of these guys but it looks very interesting.
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    Trapping Software, any advice?

    I just wanted to say a huge thankyou to all that have read my topic and a bigger thankyou to all that have left a reply also, my search will go on to find the best trapping software out there however my budget does limit me alot to what i can afford. Power Trapper does sound like the all...
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    Trapping Software, any advice?

    Can i ask, what is NEXUS? Never heard of it?
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    Trapping Software, any advice?

    Hi Jose, DOH!!!! Now i feel like a right dummy after reading your last comment, many thanks by the way, with not using this software before, and talking to Esko Reps, i had no idea and was not told about this at all, think i might give it a go now? Back to my original question though, what...
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    Trapping Software, any advice?

    Power Trapper maybe a lot more powerful than Instant Trapper, totally understand that however the price tag that comes with it is not nice, we have been quoted at nearly £6000 for the Esko Power Trapper and that by any standard is alot of money. We are not a big printers so i am looking at a...
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    Trapping Software, any advice?

    Many thanks for the reply, I currently do all my trapping by hand in Illustrator (vectored images) and if i need anything trapping rasterized i will use Photoshop, nothing wrong with doing these type of trapping by hand however it can get long winded and time consuming. I have hopefully...
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    Trapping Software, any advice?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there could spare some of there time and let us know what is a good Trapping Software out there? I have had nothing but nightmares dealing with Esko, i could not even get there free trial to work and then got forgotten about for 3 months which ontop of other...
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    CMYK prints the same on every printer!!!

    Do not worry, your not talking rubbish, anyone who has had to deal with people/customers of any kind on why two prints are never really the same is a very common occurrence. So many variants can alter colour even down to not looking like its does on screen, makes me giggle still, lol. All you...
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    Still using manual trapping?

    Thanks again, Personal recommendations from people who do the same job or interest as yourself that also comes across as having the experience in knowing what they are talking about is always appreciated Bill. My journey in the digital era in pre press has been an interesting one. I had nothing...
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    Ideal PDF settings? Does anyone know?

    I was told by a valuable source, let me explain our procedure of how we print in our studio. After creating a document in Illustrator, checking everything is correct visually as we have never been shown any of these preflight stuff, we will print a pre separated PDF of all the colours needed in...

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