Zund V Cutting tool problem with Foamex material


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Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Zund V Cutting Tool?

Have i got the correct group of the forum for this too? Sorry if not.

I am trying to get the tool to cut to size eg when we set the cutter up to the actual size, once cut with the V Cutter, it is 5mm too small so the 1000mm width is now actually 995mm width.

I know i can just increase the size by 5mm eg 2.5mm each side to give us a nice centred job but why does it do this when the original cutter was set up correctly to the size, is there a formula i need to use when working with this tool?

The material is 5mm foamex, needing the back sides (flipped over when cutting) at a 45 degree angle so we can make a cube once all 4 side are cut however i thought the Zund would compensate for the thickness of the material etc and cut along the line we set?

I have not used the V Cutting tool much at all, finding any information out there is not easy as i have looked, easy to buy the part but nothing to show how to set up etc.

Any help would be appreciated, many thanks

Many thanks for the reply, i am awaiting the admin side to let me post as only joined last night and it seems you have to wait till you can post on there.


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