Review of Challenge Champion 305TC Cutter


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We replaced our old cutter with a Challenge Champion 305TC just over a year ago, so I figure it's time to post a review:

What we like:
  • It is very easy and intuitive to setup programs.
    • You can put in arrow icons to tell the operator when to rotate the stack and specify if its 90 or 180 degrees.
    • You can also specify what clamp pressure you want for each cut
    • You can specify if you want the air table on or not
    • and if you want it to "push out" the paper towards the operator before the next step
  • It has a simple 'step & repeat' function that you can use on command without creating a whole new program.
    • For instance, if you have 18" sheets and just need to cut into 2" strips, you just enter the starting size and the step size and it will automatically start a program (16", 14", 12", 10", etc), then repeat when you finish a stack.
  • Multiple options for manually entering in measurements:
    • You can enter measurements as decimals or fractions without needing to switch between settings. For instance, you can type 9.875 or 9+7/8
    • You can enter measurements using math, meaning you can just type "19 ÷ 4, SEND" and it will automatically move to 4.75"
    • This has been very helpful for our workers who aren't so good with math
  • The only feature we don't like is how the safety beams stop the movement of the backstop if you cross the light beam when it's in a forward motion. I'm used to cutters only preventing the blade from coming down if the light beams are interrupted, not stopping the backstop. It's very natural to reach in and grab the stack to rotate for the next cut, but this forces you to wait an extra second until it has moved to the next position. However, I recognize that it is a good safety feature to prevent potential hand-crushing from the backstop movement.


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