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    Help with a creaser / folder

    Hi everyone, We are upgrading to a new Versant 280, and I've decided to not pay an additional 20k on the inline folding system, and instead move our folder offline. I'm lookin at the graphics wizard PT335 automatic folder and creaser. I am new at this and my thought process was that we cant...
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    Help! Upgrading Versant and no clue

    Thank you! I think i will also go to the shops and check out the machines. Our basic needs are folding, stapling, 3 hole punch. We don't have any fancy finishing needs right now. The fact that we can print flyers and postcards in house instead of sending everything to a vendor is going to be...
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    Help! Upgrading Versant and no clue

    I didn’t even know about the v280 thank you! I’ll look into it. We have a great xerox tech who always fixes quickly when we have issues. what usually is the lifespan? It’s 6 years old so I wasn’t sure how long they last. The canon guy told me 3 years which I thought was very short lifespan.
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    Help! Upgrading Versant and no clue

    Do you recommend a brand? Should I stick with xerox?
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    Help! Upgrading Versant and no clue

    Thanks so much for the reply! Unfortunately I work in government so I have a hard line of cost and what we can purchase. Even if I give a 5 year plan I don’t get more money lol. In the future id love to grow the shop but right now we just need something that can print decent looking flyers and...
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    Help! Upgrading Versant and no clue

    Hello all! Thank you for reading this post I am a graphic designer for my work and took over the print shop a year ago. We have a versant 80 and all our techs do is press Print. (Very basic, we are starting from the ground up) My goal is to make us a legit print shop. We have invested in a...

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