Help with a creaser / folder


Hi everyone,

We are upgrading to a new Versant 280, and I've decided to not pay an additional 20k on the inline folding system, and instead move our folder offline.

I'm lookin at the graphics wizard PT335 automatic folder and creaser.

I am new at this and my thought process was that we cant do full-bleed trifold with the inline option. So I plan on printing, cutting then creasing/folding.

Another question i have is it says the lightest weight is 150 gsm. What type of paper do you normally run trifold on? We have been running them on 28 lb hammermill premium paper, but this obviously won't work on the folder.

Needless to say - i'm a little clueless.
thank you so much in advanced!


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My team usually runs trifolds on 120gsm paper. The inline folder doesn't crease and outputs to a little pullout tray that only holds 25 sheets. It is a hassle to setup too and I regret buying that accessory. If you're in North America, talk to Boggs Equipment or Print and Finishing Systems about getting a refurbished offline creaser/folder. Both companies are really solid to work with.

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