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    Replacement UPS for Ryobi 525XX

    Are you sure it's a serial connection? If it's connected with an actual serial connection, it's likely going to take the same model UPS for the communications to work. I know many industrial UPS boxes have a 9 or 25 pin connector that looks like a serial port, but many of them are just discrete...
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    State of the Industry? Reluctant to return to it.

    Recently I was contacted by a former employer about the possibility of returning to work for them, I was forced to politely decline at this time based on what I see in the industry in my area. There are still shops closing, being sold, etc. Beyond that I am not too sure about the state of the...
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    Huge problem after finishing (excessive heat)

    I saw something similar once, the job was printed, AQ coated, folded and boxed, Upon delivery to the customer the boxes and contents were hot, and the entire job was now bricked (coating). Samples were sent to some experts, it was discovered that an exothermic chemical reaction caused the problem.
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    Sad to say, I'm on my way...

    Sorry your having trouble, I did also. I was forced to leave the printing industry after a 22 year Field Service career. I should have done it years ago instead of hanging on until I was forced to move on.
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    Future of printing industry ?

    We better call on someone closer than that for help. Seriously, I felt the industry decline to the point I was forced to change industries, so far it was the best decision I ever made.
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    sheetfeed rollers

    Where there are four printers there is always a fifth.:p
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    sheetfeed rollers

    Bottcher rollers are not cheap, or inferior. I suspect if Heidleberg refused to use them it was for another reason other than their quality or performance record. If press speed is damaging rubber rollers I would say there is a problem with the inker cooling system.
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    First, the post office. Now UPS

    I know USPS is not replacing many employees as they retire or move on, this places an extra burden on current employees, after they finish their route they continue working on a route that is not their own. This may be an explanation for the later delivery times. On the issue of not getting...
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    I assume you need a thyristor for some kind of motor drive unit. you'll probably need a part number off of the semiconductor itself to get a replacement. I know nothing about the drive I assume you are working on, but I have repaired a few older drives that had thyristor (SCR) outputs. I would...
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    40" Press roller maintenance

    The Komori operation manual gives these roller settings in nip width, not pressure. I am not aware of any accurate way to convert a pressure measurement into nip width, as even slight deviation from the given roller hardness would affect the final nip width. If you want to use a digital gauge...
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    Komori Lithrone S40 --Ink Fountain speed control

    Yes Erik, You are correct about the ink ductor, I found a newer explanation of the ink feed system (see note 4 at the bottom). I don't think there is a way to increase the total range of ink key movement, the key motors have a finite amount of mechanical movement. In fact on older machines...
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    40" Press roller maintenance

    Kind of depends what kind of print quality you wish to maintain. For optimum print quality, the water rollers should be checked regularly, and likely replaced every 6-9 months, maybe a year if you're lucky. Ink rollers not as often but are just as important IMHO. Get yourself a good durometer...
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    Komori Lithrone S40 --Ink Fountain speed control

    Graphical representation of the SET and RATIO functions The synchronization point is the press speed that changes from SET to RATIO setting, set by console memory setting M2-1 (default setting is 38 i.e. 38% of max speed) Although if I remember correctly, this setting may have a slightly...
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    Chrome roller plating

    Yes, all it takes is one tiny pinhole and the fountain solution begins getting under the chrome and attacks the roller underneath. it will cause a bubble it the chrome that will eventually flake off. In the past I found a common issue was on a 40" Komori, when taking out and installing water...
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    18k perfector

    As long as the perfecting mechanism is sound at that speed, it should be good. The question is, how many jobs will you actually be able to perfect at 18000 iph? I can guarantee you at some point there will be someone try to run a low grade garbage recycled substrate and expect it to perform...


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