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    MAILCOM 2022 Online Registration Now Open

    I am thinking about going but the last Mailcom I went to in DC the exhibit hall had maybe 20 booths with people in them, that was the quietest exhibit hall I had ever been to.
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    U.S. digital newspaper ad revenue to surpass print by 2026

    While going through old Nintendo games my kids asked what Paperboy was, took far to long to explain.
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    Fuel Surcharge...

    I haven't seen my tech since the new fuel charge went into effect, I had him in here just before to get everything rebuilt. I didn't get a chance to ask him if he actually saw anything from the charges, next time I see him I hopefully will remember to ask. I hope Ricoh is compensating the...
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    Partially die cut door hangers?

    I wonder if zapco is having issues getting paper that their dies were made for?
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    Fuel Surcharge...

    Just like UPS/FEDEX, if one starts doing it, the others will follow if it sticks.
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    Fuel Surcharge...

    What gets me is you get the $5 order charge twice when an item is on backorder and they ship it later. I even had one order that they billed me $12.50 for?? I have been heard of them charging for sending a wrong toner, then charging you the extra fee to ship it back.
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    OKI Consumables a Year After the Pullout.

    @gregbatch It is nice being able to turn the printer off and walk away not having to worry about coming back to a clogged printhead.
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    More Reasons For Paper Shortages

    As I am reading this my paper distributor calls and says my standing backorder has been canceled for Gloss Cover since the Mill won't let them know when it will be delivered 🤬
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    OKI Consumables a Year After the Pullout.

    @jwheeler I think you have the C941, the 931 is CMYK only. The 931 has been a solid workhorse for us, most of my issues come from the straight shooter feeder, I need to put new belts on it but holding off because I know as soon as I put $$ into it someone will release the machine I want :ROFLMAO:
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    OKI Consumables a Year After the Pullout.

    I am not a Xante fan, they would price it just enough to be painful but barely affordable and then make a profit on the consumables.
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    OKI Consumables a Year After the Pullout.

    I am still able to get toner and supplies as of today for my OKI 931e, not had any issues with backorders, I usually get them in 2days from my order date. I am going to try and run it as long as I can, I have been eyeing some on ebay for a potential backup/parts machine but nothing close enough...
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    scheduling a daily morning print to wake up my printer (Ricoh C5310)?

    Probably will have to be done at the workstation level with a script. You could schedule a print job to run every morning.
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    Recent quote on Iridesse?

    That sounds way to cheap for a booklet maker/square fold unit, but again I am not a Xerox user. Did you have them quote without it?
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    Recent quote on Iridesse?

    Check and recheck everything. Also make sure a $1 buyout is best for you, it sounds good but isn't for every company. I would also be pricing out a machine with Ricoh/KM/Canon to keep Xerox on their toes. Also think about if you really want that booklet maker inline and attached to the machine...

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