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    Xerox 700 With Bustled Fiery Rip - Uncompressing linux... ok booting the kernel

    Do a restore factory image on the fiery. It should be somewhere under server management.
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    Xerox 3100 vs Ricoh 9200

    Color consistently is okay on the versants if you use one spectrometer between the machines. We have an a account that does about a two thousand a day and we see them about every other month. We have an account that runs them about 16hours straight a day and we are there daily just waiting to...
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    New Xerox Machine Coming?

    I've heard nothing. Iridesse and Versant are developed by FujiXerox(FX). The FX partnership is dead and FX is renaming themselves to Fujifilm Business Innovation. They will compete with Xerox in NA/Europe. Xerox will need to find an OEM to replace equipment in this space.
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    Xerox Customer Advocate

    They did a great job. They would threaten local management an hour to fix an issue before they escalate to the regional VP or higher. They had a lot of power in the old X. Carl's Team has been laying off positions left and right without knowing what they do or knowing impact to business...
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    Xerox Customer Advocate

    Carl Icahn's management team eliminated the advocate position. Customer 2nd level is for networking/driver/fiery issues.
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    Xerox D95 D110 D125 Scanning

    If you are using smb try ftp
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    Ricoh Drum Life Question...

    The drums that ship with your new Xerox are from FX. They will make life and are often a different color. Everything you replace after is domesticated by Xerox. Xerox does not have the in house expertise to make a good drum or run any sort of QA. The scientists and engineers who knew how to make...
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    Junk Drums from Xerox lately.

    As for 2nd BTR in Versants there are new ones available being tested in accounts that have poor life. There is also new nvm scripts released a few weeks ago that improve the current one.
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    adhesives not sticking to our Xerox iGen 150 prints

    Your mylar tabs are being stuck to non toner area or toner coverage area? If it sticks nowhere, it's the oil. If your RAM assembly is full of something that doesn't look like clean oil, I would have a tech do a purge/clean, and check the metering blade/doner roll for wear. It is an HFSI item.
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    Printing on vinyl sheets with thermal transfer

    Another option is to use any A4 Xerographic printer and print on waterproof paper. It's effectively melting plastic into the paper.
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    Why would a printer not want to receive a layered PDF?

    The DFE rips and sends the print ready file to printer. In cases that there is no DFE, the driver on the pc rips and sends the print ready file to the printer In cases that there is no driver/pc (ie printing from a thumb drive stuck in printer, or uploading pdf to the embedded web page), the...
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    Canon C750 - Uneven Magenta Ink Lay

    Does the line go to edge of paper (Beyond the white border)? If so, you've got bad charge on the drum, or a malfunctioning LED/ROS driver. I'm referring to the dark line 1/4 of the page from the Right Edge. Above is assuming top of image is either LE/TE If R side of image is LE/TE, it looks...
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    adhesives not sticking to our Xerox iGen 150 prints

    The metering blade for the doner roll may need to be changed/flipped

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