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    KM 6501 question

    the reason your getting lines is because the fibers from the toner dust filter is flying around the process unit and hanging between the developer and the metal frame and its blocking the laser beam to the drum unit. best thing is to make sure the filter is clear of hair fibers being loose.
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    Oce CS650 / KM 6500 Drum Issue

    have seen this? Note: Installing Firmware can change some soft switch settings 1. Recommended Settings Soft Switch Settings Dip SW 1 – 0 set 1 Enables display of process adjustments in user screen Dip SW 1 – 2 & 1- 3 set to 0 Toner too Low in hopper, Stop to add toner a) Print stops to add...
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    Oce CS650 / KM 6500 Drum Issue

    If your going to dust the drums use yellow toner
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    Konica Minolta bizhub C6500 Pro

    I wish it was that simple. Im a tech in Dallas Texas and we are having the same issues. Konica came over to try to fix the issue but it was a no go. Its been sent to uncle woo to see if they can come up with something. I done every thing I could do. Ive replanced drums, dv units,drum motors, dv...
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    Envelope Printing with a Konica (bizhub) 6500

    running envelopes on the 6500 is not adviseble and out of specs. You can try running with media type plain . The only thing is my customer tried it and with in a day she was down due to the glue sprayed all in the fuser unit and blocked the thermistor and through a fuser code.
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    Konica Minolta 6500 - Thoughts

    Did he do the fuser parts? I hope so, youll get j3201 codes.
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    Konica Minolta 6500 - Thoughts

    don the pms are required parts to be replaced at 200k every 200k. I install the kit drums,developer,fuser oneway gears, adj are color registration,gamma reg, print and copy,calibration with firery and full cleaning of machine. I hope who ever installls the pm kit does a good job and they ordered...
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    Konica Minolta 6500 - Thoughts

    Wow, I hope who ever's serving your machine installed 2 pms and the latest updates.


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