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    Customer file submission

    This is how I go about it too. If I can't modify the pdf quickly in Pitstop then it goes back to the customer. Long ago I had a designer that kept sending files with margins that were almost bleeds. I told her over and over that the gripper will leave marks and I need .25" on either the top or...
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    About colours

    You’ll need to know what the Pantone color is first. If you only have the CMYK values then you need to convert those to a close Pantone color. Take a look at the link below, it will give you some close matches to your CMYK values. Once you have the Pantone color then you can determine how much...
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    Mounting Methods for Small Business?

    Use the self-adhesive foam board or buy a few rolls of adhesive backed production gloss or satin paper. You can then mount them using an inexpensive cold roll laminator. One like this will mount up to 39” and should cover you for what you need without having to send these jobs out. Cold Roll...
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    More Reasons For Paper Shortages

    I was told that rolls take priority at the mills. No sheeting and packaging, just load and out the door. My sales rep said there are printers that are using their Didde presses just to do sheeting now. I’d like to remain positive but what I’m reading tells me things are going to continue to get...
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    Xerox Drums issues Resolved???

    The lack of any communication from Xerox is what caused me to lose trust in them. The Versant is a very nice capable machine with a few small issues like every other brand. But this toner and drum issue was out of control for too long. Drums do seem to be lasting longer now (knock on wood) and...
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    More Reasons For Paper Shortages

    This may really be the case. Next purchase, inkjet printer for packaging?
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    Versant 80 - banding?

    You may want to give this a second try. I had a tech instruct me to move the wand back and forth fairly quickly multiple times. It's an easy thing to try and well worth the effort before you move on to the developer housing which could also be the culprit. If cleaning the ROS and developer...
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    Versant 80 - banding?

    The drums are interchangeable between colors, so if you think it may still be one of the drums you can swap the drums around. That would be the easiest thing to try. Couple other things to look for would be does your V80 have the fly wheel on the 2nd BTR unit? If not that could cause the banding...
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    Xerox PrimeLink C9065 white toner underlay

    No affiliation with Xerox. I’ve just been looking into adding some embellishment options. Xerox has a nice guide that helps you design for their cmyk plus technology. They give some examples of what can be done. Since you may need to make 2 or more passes to get the effects you may be looking...
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    State to begin issuing $850 checks this week, but envelopes in short supply

    When we start telling them that we can’t print their election/re-election materials because of paper shortages then they’ll realize … hey this paper shortage thing is actually a real problem.
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    Recent quote on Iridesse?

    Xerox can show the finishing as only an extra $100 because they have plenty of profit in the engine and rip. Plus if the finishers are Xerox they're very cost effective because the Iridesse will use the same production ready finisher as the Versant 280 I have and also all the other Versants. If...
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    Xerox Toner Shortages-Anyone Else Having Problems?

    Very true. That's why I've been checking the dates. These are from the end of the year. But you're right about trashing drums for months, what a nightmare it's been!
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    Partially die cut door hangers?

    Maybe I can be a rocket scientist after all.
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    Xerox Toner Shortages-Anyone Else Having Problems?

    I ordered toner last Friday and it arrived less than a week later, including yellow. I checked the Julian dates and only the magenta is new stock. The rest has been sitting somewhere in a warehouse since last year. My sales guy did get me setup a few months back with some extra toner and drums...
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    Partially die cut door hangers?

    Their close isn't the same as my close or your close. Or someone forgot to tell someone that the die maker decided to move the rule around.

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