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    Duplo 618 blade replacement

    We don't have an SCC however have often thought about one in the past and always (incorrectly) assumed blade replacement / swap-out would be simple and cheap, like with a guillotine. edited & removed irrelevant text, after fully reading post #7
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    Duplo 618 blade replacement

    @ICON where are you located? In the UK, Duplo Service at Addlestone are very helpful indeed and prices are reasonable.
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    As @bcr indicates, this smells rather odd. I'd wager the dealer has agreed a price to buy the EOL machine from the leasing company (see my post #25 above) and wants to rent it to you under the pretence it is still being leased, for another two years. Complete with an increase in CPC to...
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    New Konica Minolta C7100 series

    KM announces new mid-range AccurioPress models: Printweek KM (EU site)
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    @ad41061 welcome to the forum (y) As a rule, the first stages will always be: 1. Print 2. Laminate 3. Trim and Folding will always be last, with creasing before folding where required, as @keith1 has highlighted. It's done in this order because the laminating film is undersized to the...
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    Ricoh 7200 Keeps Hesitating...

    On the C4080, we always RIP directly into AccurioPro Print Manager, making good use of the file system on the controller, setting up subdirectories for specific projects, etc. as further orders are subsequently required for many of our jobs. Whereas on the Pro951, we use the PS driver to print...
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    Equipment for sale

    Indeed. TN-711 toners are for C754 & C654 models (incl. 'e' variants), whereas the slower C554 & C454 models (incl. 'e' variants) use TN-512 toners.
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    Ricoh 7200 Keeps Hesitating...

    Looking into this further, the job history reports all our jobs as multiple pages x 1 set. Every job in our history log shows "Sets = 1" Today, we ran 3 separate jobs, each 1pp SRA3 posters, 240 copies, using AccurioPro Print Manager. The history shows these jobs as 240 pages x 1 set, whereas I...
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    furniture/storage for binding supplies

    This is a good idea, particularly as coils, wires and combs weigh very little, so the shelving does not need to be either substantial nor deep.
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    Ricoh supplier - parts for 9200

    Whereabouts on the planet are you? This information will greatly assist responses.
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    furniture/storage for binding supplies

    We have one of these. The regularly used coils, wire elements and combs are stored on the shelves, with bulk stock and lesser used SKUs underneath the bench. The bench itself holds a Uchida VS-200 drill, Onglematic O6P+GP tab cutter and Magnapunch 1, with wire closer also on the lower shelf...
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    Go Fold It - Software for creating Interactive 3D Brochure Demos

    @natelokers first things first, get your SSL sorted
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    If you walk away at the end of the lease, the finance company will sell that C1060 to clearance (a dealer that will take anything and everything at EOL) for no more than $2,500 for a seven year old model. In turn, a dealer will pick it up in its current condition for $4,000 and, depending on...
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    ACM cutting for small signs

    A small flatbed is still going to blow the OP's budget by many times over. The tooling will need (at the least) to be able to handle 3mm Dibond, i.e. not an entry level table that will just cut thin vinyl.
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    Perhaps it's different outside the UK, where one can choose between dealing with the OEM's direct sales channel, alternatively the dealer (reseller) channel. In the UK, a legitimate dealer supplying a new machine will always supply genuine OEM parts and consumables. The only compatibles I've...


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