1 and 1 hosting - BEWARE!


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Hi All,

I just wanted to warn anyone about using the company 1&1 https://www.1and1.co.uk for hosting websites or registering domain names.

They are scammers and demand money with menaces, there are many people complaining about 1&1’s tactics on the internet such as the here http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=3630553

They are trying to charge me £94.70 for the the renewal of domain names that I did not renew.

I had cancelled my whole hosting account with them along with the domain names but because they ‘raised’ the invoice before I had cancelled (note: not renewed the domain names, they simply ‘raised’ the invoice) they claim that I still owe £94.70.

It’s like me raising an invoice for some me to do some landscaping work, then the customer decides that they don’t want me to proceed with the work but I still try to get them to pay in full for the work I have not done and not going to do!!!

I pointed out to 1&1 that:

The fact that the invoice was raised before they received my cancellation request is irrelevant.

When they raise an invoice, it is nothing more than an internal administration process performed by them and it has absolutely nothing to do with any goods or services supplied (or in this case not supplied)

I have read all about your scam and I will not tolerate you demanding money with menaces.

Your automatic renewal of domain name registrations, contravenes Nominet regulations, and is not enforceable in English courts as it is based on German contract law.

Also, 1&1 cant get their story straight.

In one email they said:
"Please take note that the invoice was raised prior to the cancellation date. It means that the invoice is valid and it needs to be settled."

Then in a later email 1&1 said:
"The domains were already renewed before you have requested for them to be cancelled that is why an invoice was generated. Additionally, domain names are non-refundable as per our T&C."

Please avoid using 1&1, yes they are cheap but thats not the point.


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I've been using a place called Laughing Squid for hosting . . . very nice honest people base in San Francisco but hosted by Rackspace . . . cannot recommend them highly enough!

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