1st Installation in the UK of the Duplo PFi Blade B3 cutting table


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He's an article from this weeks Print Week. We're the first installation in the UK but rather than worrying that we have version 1.0 rather than 1.1, I don't seem to have found any bugs as yet!!!!
This cutting table compliments out existing kit which includes a Xerox digital press and Matrix Digital foiler/laminator. This will allow us to create bespoke items and promotional material and well as short run carton packaging.



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We looked into the Duplo PFii Blade, however went with the Vivid Veloblade 64 instead. We opted for this purely because of our existing relationship with Vivid and running an existing Matrix 370DP & Omniflow - which the majority of our jobs will go through immediately before moving on to the flatbed cutter - it made sense from a troubleshooting perspective of working with one supplier's support team. I understand both machines are physically the same, and originate from the same source, however the Duplo CAD software is evidently "less Chinese". Early days yet (ours was installed last week) however we've had pleasing results on a couple of jobs so far and have plenty of kiss and die cutting work lined up for the machine over the next few months.



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You're right about Vivids software being chinese. Duplo rewrote their version, I could be wrong but I think it was rewritten by Esko. We went with Duplo because of our history with them on finishing equipment and their excellent service and after sales support. Unfortunately, after we purchased a Matrix 370 from Vivid for laminating and foiling, the after sales was non-existent. I took around six months of my own time and material to master the machine myself and how to foil properly on various materials. The only time anyone had come to see us from Vivid was the training on installation and we never saw them again...we were sold and box and had to just get on with it ourselves.

We use our Duplo PFiBlade for short run foiled, laminated carton packaging as well as point of sale, shelf wobblers, kiss cut shaped stickers, etc.
We've found Duplo very helpful in their after sales and they're always coming up with new ideas on improving the machine. We currently testing out an embossing feature!!!


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