80# Silk Text Creasing??


Good day,

Does anyone have issues with 80# Silk Text creasing on book runs??

We just finished running a 25,000 sheet job.
It was for a 224 pp colour book - all images throughout.
Ran on Versant 3100.
80# Titan Silk (12x18)
Stock needed to be 12x18, profile was proper grain for it.
Each book had 2-3 random sheets with creasing on the text.

A new 2nd BTR was replaced during the run. It really didn't change anything.

any thoughts, info etc appreciated.
You say book...is there inline book finishing? And is the creasing is outside of standard fold areas? Just randomly on a finished size page? Can you provide a photo?

My first guess would be to blame the media. We buy parent sheets of titan text and cut them down, and have run into issues occasionally where the sheet is creased from the paper supplier and no one could tell until we spent hours troubleshooting our Versant lol.
No inline finishing. The job is output 2 up then is trimmed and bound.
The creasing runs through the page.
I'll try and get a pic.
Our Titan sheets come to us pre-cut and boxed, nothing strange visible to see when loading into press..
I had some creasing on my 280 that was caused by a bad pressure roller (the roller under the fuser unit). It would happen on lighter weight text stock only.

I had an issue with alignment on some 12pt cover stock. After I was ready to push the Versant out the door, I discovered it wasn’t the press at all, the stock wasn’t even close to being square. They were digital sheets cut to size at the mill, make sure it’s not your stock that has the creases.
Is it creasing on the side 2? If so make sure the de-curling on side 1 is not curling it downward.

Otherwise try lower fuser temperature. There is also speed settings for the 2ndBTR and fuser that you could try as well


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